If you’re looking for office equipment and home supplies like furniture, you can find great deals on furniture on online stores. Online stores like Wayfair offer a vast variety of items to suit your every need. Wayfair is known for its comfortable and productivity-boosting home items and furniture.

We’re going to break down some questions that are often asked online about Wayfair, and ultimately we’ll explore how you can ship internationally from Wayfair to any country at the lowest shipping rates.

Table Of Content:

  1. Is Wayfair reliable?
  2. Is Wayfair cheaper than other online stores?
  3. How much does Wayfair charge to ship?
  4. Does Wayfair ship internationally?
  5. Conclusion

Is Wayfair reliable?

Wayfair is definitely reliable and has safe practices surrounding shopping and gives strict privacy to the consumers. Wayfair provides one platform to shop for household appliances, furniture, electric appliances and more. As a result, you can get your favorite product at the prices you can afford. It is also much easier to shop online from the US than going outside shopping from the store.

Is Wayfair cheaper than other online stores?

Sometimes, the exact product is available at different online stores at different prices and sometimes it is not. Wayfair is cheaper than many other online stores because they get products directly from the companies and then sell them to customers. You will find competitive and affordable prices on Wayfair. 

How much does Wayfair charge to ship?

Most of the orders on Wayfair ship as free. For products under $35, they charge approximately 4.99$. However, when the order is more than 35$, they will ship for free. You will get a “Free Shipping” notification when your product meets this criteria. Keep looking at the product’s price while browsing next to the images on the product page.

If your order does not qualify for free shipping, the shipping cost will be add into the Shopping Cart, alongside the pricing details, and during checkout.

Does Wayfair ship internationally?

Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally; they only ship to limited countries that have the international sites of Wayfair, such countries are Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany.

You must have a US address for shipping internationally where you can store your package and ship them to you by using the courier service. 

Although Wayfair itself does not offer international shipping, there is another way to ship the packages to your desired country. You can get a US shipping address through a package forwarding company, so the products you buy from US stores will be delivered to them and then forwarded to you.

Some package forwarding companies that can ship your package internationally include the following:

Global Shopaholics

By picking Global Shopaholics as your package forwarder, you will get a free US address and free membership. In addition, you can get free storage for 180 days. Get comparable shipping prices by visiting their website, where you find your desired country page to calculate your shipping calculator.

Planet Express

Planet Express can give you the tax-free US address when you sign up on their website as a premium member. In addition, they have a postage calculator where you can get their shipping prices.


Stackry is another US forwarding company that ships from the USA and the UK internationally; they are known for their best services. Their well-known service is Stackry personal shopping service, where you give the link of the product, and they shop for you; for shipping costs, use Stackry Calculator.


MyUS is a well-known parcel forwarding company that allows its customers a tax-free US address along with 30 days of free storage.

These are also the package consolidation companies in the USA. By using this service, you can reduce your shipping cost by up to 80%.

These companies will ship anywhere around the world. You can ship from the USA to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and wherever you want in the world when you shop from the USA.

These shipping companies can only ship your package to you when your parcel is not restricted or prohibited in that list your country has.


Wayfair is known for home appliances and other office equipment suppliers in the USA. You can shop from them for the most measured prices. They provide free shipping in very limited scenarios. By using the package consolidation companies, you can ship your package worldwide.


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