MyUS is a Package Forwarding Service Company that ships items worldwide purchased from US online stores in Florida’s US state since 1997. MyUS is the fastest-growing private company, says the Inc. reports since 2008. They have claimed to receive $292 million worth of items annually and earn over $32 million annually.

This company gives the consumers an address of their warehouse for a consumer’s shipping address. They will receive the consumer’s items in their warehouse and gives them storage for that shipment. Consumers pay them for various package handling services and an international shipping fee. MyUS will ship the package to the doorstep of the consumer.


Shopping and then shipping from abroad are among the biggest challenges that most people face regarding quality, pricing, and items safety. You can enjoy the great shopping and shipping services internationally with MyUS;

Shipping Services

MyUS provides different international shipping options in which you can choose your favourite carrier with a time estimate, and insurance options depend on carrier service.

  • TruePrice TM 

    You can enjoy safe and fast shipping by using MyUS as your package forwarder. MyUS only charge their members on the weight of their items, not by size.

  • Premier Package Consolidation

    Using package consolidation (it is a combination of multiple products in one box), you can save up to 80% off your shipment.
  • Discount Carrier Rates

    They allow their members to choose their preferred carrier. It depends on their needs. MyUS has a multi-station shipping system that can help its members to experience the fastest shipping.

  • Mobile App

    Members can also use their mobile application to access their shipments and shipping rates.

  • Quick Shop Pledge

    Their aim is to give their consumers the fastest shipping. Their team works 24/7 to ensure shipments leave on time

  • Packing and Personal Care

    Their team packs and inspects every shipment by hand to ensure every package is safe. They will remove unnecessary packaging and consolidate consumer’s goods for the least shipment charges.

Shopping Services

You can easily  Shop from the US stores and ship them to your country with the MyUS Chrome extension. It will ease the consumer to buy from US online stores! Here are the other shopping services of MyUS.

  • Shop & Service at us

    Their team packs and inspects every shipment by hand to ensure every package is safe. They will remove unnecessary packaging and consolidate consumer’s goods for the least shipment charges.

  • Sales Tax:

    Shopping from the US online stores with MyUS can save an extra 7% by not giving the US sales tax when shipping an item

  • Discounts and Coupons for Members

    They will update and help its members make most of the latest Black Friday sales, season-ending sales, and free shipping offers on US online stores.

  • Package Return Service

    They will help you return the package if it arrives at MyUS address damaged, lost, or wrong items.


The methods and the pricing of the shipping with MyUS are listed below:

MyUS shipping prices apply to international shipping from the US via DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Budget Carrier option. Excluding oversized shipments “”oversized shipments are those with linear dimensions”” (height + width + total length) greater than 80 inches. Special packaging like crates is not eligible for MyUS true pricing. The true pricing of MyUS doesn’t include any optional or additional services like insurance, dangerous goods, customs, and duty taxes, etc. Use the shipping calculator of the MyUS to get the exact rates for your shipments. You can get your shipping rates in kilograms and pounds.

MyUS is a freight forwarding company and has millions of consumers around the world. When you take MyUS services, the main thing to know is they will not execute your package consolidation request until you are not using their premier package consolidation service, which is not free. Use their premier package consolidation services to save up to 80% on your shipment. They have a mobile app and a chrome extension to make it easy for consumers to shop and ship from the US.


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