You may know about many US online stores you want to buy from, but it might be difficult for you. This may be for many reasons, especially for non-US resident persons, as some of the stores don’t ship their products directly to another country. Some people also have issues related to their shipping address, so that doesn’t make online shopping convenient for them. But there’s no need to worry, we have great news for international shoppers. We’ll solve all your international shipping problems, including people who buy and resell. Using a package forwarding service, you can easily order products as much as you want from any US online store and receive your packages in your own country at your doorstep.

Read on and learn how! Then, follow these simple steps and ship packages quickly.

Register With a Package Forwarding Service

Before the use of any benefits or services of the package forwarding company, you need an address. In addition, since you’ll shop at US online retailers, you’ll need a US shipping address.

You only have to sign up with them; you’ll get a free mail address in the US dedicated solely to you. This given address serves as a forwarding address for your US online purchases.

Provide Details to the Online Stores

After you register with the company, let the shopping begin! The best part of this process is shopping for whatever you want to. Just go to the US stores and then enter the details of your given address.

When you enter your details and ship the package to a US address, the online retailer will get your packages processed to the given address.

You’ll also be free from multiple shipping charges. Instead, you pay the forwarding service company one amount for getting your packages safely to your country

Give Your Company a Heads Up

Usually, giving a heads-up is a polite reminder about letting someone know about an upcoming event.

 When you place an order with your U.S.-based online retailer, you’ll also let your package forwarding company know to expect delivery.

Most forwarder companies have an online form. It includes a space where you provide the complete details about the expected shipment. Shipment information consists of the shipper’s name, your order number, and your tracking number. You’ll also provide the information about your package.

Wait for Delivery

Since your packages go to the warehouse of the package forwarding company, the first delivery notice you receive comes from them. After that, you’ll receive an email confirmation for each package they receive on your behalf. It makes tracking your packages easy for you!

Suppose you want to know about your package delivery. You will be able to request that your company provide you with scan documentation or even send you a photo of your package (some companies include this as an additional service).

Once your package forwarding company receives your package and notifies you of receipt, they wait for your further instructions.

Choose How And When To Ship

After receiving a notification from the forwarding service letting you know they have received your package, the next step is yours.

You will decide where and when you want your package(s) to ship.

You can choose to ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another shipping company, depending on the final destination of your shipment.

Then, when you’re ready to request shipping, you’ll have all the information you need in your account. It includes the ability to request an estimate for shipping costs from each available carrier.

Request Handling Services

If you want to save a considerable amount on shipping, the best option is to use package consolidation. Package consolidation service is beneficial for shoppers. This service is basically for those who shop multiple products at the same time.

To consolidate packages, the company will combine multiple orders into one giant box. The primary purpose of consolidation is to save on shipping costs.

Choose Payment Methods

When you sign up with a shipping service company, you’ll also enter your payment preferences. Most companies accept the following well-known credit cards including:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Discover

If you don’t see your credit card company listed here, check with the service you’ve chosen. Each service has its list of accepted payment methods.

Get Ready For Shipping

This is the last step of the package forwarding process. Once you’ve registered your address, shop and notified your forwarding company of incoming packages, all you have to do is wait for notification of delivery.

Then it’s your turn to relax while your package forwarding service handles the rest of the details. In no time, you’ll have your items and are ready for more online shopping.


This blog is the ultimate guide for the international shopper and consists of the easy steps to use a package forwarding company.

We define this process into parts like registration with the company and provide details to the online stores. Then a polite reminder to the company for upcoming packages and wait for the delivery. After this process, You will guide them to ship and select further services like shipment methods or package consolidation service.

This process is best for international shoppers. They can easily follow these steps and use a package forwarding company.


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