When it comes to shipping, there are a lot of options to choose from. But with so many different types of shipping available, which one is right for you? Let’s explore the different kinds of shipping and the pros and cons of each!

Types of shipping


Pros: Airfreight is often the fastest way to ship items over long distances. Some companies even provide same-day shipping but that depends on the distance of flight.

Cons: Airfreight only offers the advantage of speed during international travel. As it’s based on weight rather than size, large parcels are difficult to transport in this way, so they will typically need to be sent via a different shipping method once they arrive at their destination.

Ocean freight or Sea freight

Pros: Ocean freight can offer a relatively inexpensive way to ship over large distances, as the cost of fuel has historically been less than air transport. It’s also very reliable, with deliveries being made within a set number of days from when the cargo is loaded onto the vessel.

Cons: The main disadvantages of ocean freight are its slow speed, with containers taking up to 30 days to arrive at their destination. Ocean travel can also be extremely dangerous and poses a risk of damage or loss due to weather conditions. Package tracking is often not an option.

Container shipping

Pros: Container shipping is the most commonly used type of freight forwarder after airfreight, and is often more cost-effective than ocean freight. The advantage of container shipping is its ability to handle large volumes of goods in one package, speeding up transfer through customs and reducing administrative overheads. It’s also much safer, with loss or damage being much less common.

Cons: The main disadvantages of container shipping include its cost, which can be high for small shipments, and the fact that it is not suitable for all types of cargo. It also takes time to book a slot in a ship’s schedule.

Package forwarding

Package forwarding is a service that allows you to have your packages sent to a central location, and then forwarded to you wherever you are in the world. It’s a great option if you’re traveling or living abroad and don’t want to miss out on those online shopping deals!

To use package forwarding, you first need to create an account with a package forwarding company. Then, when you order something online, simply enter the company’s address as the shipping address. The company will then receive your package and forward it to you. Some companies even offer package tracking so you can keep an eye on your delivery!

Services provided by package forwarders

Package forwarding companies offer a range of services to their customers, including:

  • Receiving packages from any retailer and shipping them to you anywhere in the world.
  • Offering package tracking so you can keep an eye on your delivery.
  • Providing a central location for all your online shopping orders.
  • Providing storage to your packages at their warehouse allowing you to receive them when you become available or have them be sent at a specific date.
  • Testing your equipment as it reaches the central location to make sure it is working correctly.
  • Providing insurance to ensure your packages are covered against damage and loss.
  • Consolidating your multiple packages to shave off shipping costs and free you from the inconvenience of tracking and receiving numerous packages separately.
  • The shipping calculator allows you to get a quote before even placing the order

Which one is right for you!

Which one is right for you? That depends on your needs! If you’re looking for a fast, reliable option then airfreight is probably the best bet. If you’re looking for something more affordable, ocean freight may be a good option. If you need to ship large volumes of goods, container shipping is the best choice. And if you’re living outside US or traveling abroad, package forwarding is a great option!


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