Did you know that you can get a free US address? Well yes, a package forwarding service will give you a physical address in the US that you can use to receive your mail. There are a few ways to get a free US address, but the best way is to sign up for a package forwarding website. Package forwarding services have many benefits. They provide a convenient way to keep track of all your important documents and packages. Plus, they offer some great security features that can help keep your personal information safe.

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  1. What is a package forwarding service?
  2. Services provided by package forwarders
  3. Benefits of having a free US address

What is a package forwarding service?

A package forwarding service is a company that allows you to buy and ship products from the US to your home country or to the one you reside in. When you sign up for a package forwarding service for example Global Shopaholics. You will be given a physical US address to use as your own for free. The package forwarding service will then receive your mail and packages, and forward them to you internationally. 

Services provided by package forwarders

Some quality services provided include: 

Package consolidation: combines your multiple packages into one saving a considerable sum of money. 

Assisted purchase: helps with stores that may not accept your credit card, the packaging company will order on your behalf.

Storage: is also provided, the number of days varies from service to service from 15 to 30 or even 180 days. 

Shipping Calculator: helps get an instant quote on the shipping cost.

Benefits of having a free US address

There are a few benefits of having a free US address. One of the biggest benefits is that you can shop online without having to worry about any monthly fees. Most online stores will not ship internationally, so having a US mailing address allows you to shop at any store regardless of whether they are shipping internationally or not.

US stores offer a wider variety of products and many discounts, one such item may be more expensive in your country at retail, so having a US address allows you to buy them at a lower price.

You cannot get some Magazines or Books because the stores restrict the membership to local Us addresses. In such cases having a US address is a lifesaver. you will be able to buy your favorite books and magazines, even have them shipped to your country with help of package forwarders.

If you are ordering multiple items, a package forwarding company can consolidate your packages so you receive them at the same time and don’t have to go through the hassle of tracking multiple packages and receiving them on different dates.

Getting a free US address has many benefits from allowing shopping online from any store, receiving a wide variety of books and magazines available to US locals only, and sometimes getting products cheaper than retail prices. All these benefits make it a great idea for anyone living in another country.


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