Millions of Kuwaitis love to shop from US stores. And want to ship to their country because US retailers carry a vast selection of products which the shoppers love to shop. Moreover, with the help of the internet and modern technology, people have easy access to the internet and easy access to international stores.

Most Kuwaiti people desire to shop from US stores. Still, they cannot shop for different reasons, such as They don’t know how to ship internationally, costly shipment from the USA to Kuwait, and many stores cannot ship to other countries.

In this blog, we will discuss products that Kuwaitis love most to shop. And also, we will discuss the perfect solution of shipment through which Kuwaiti people help to shop and ship to their countries quickly.

Top Products Kuwaiti People love:

See what Kuwaiti people love most and ship them to their country from the USA. Here are the top 5 products in 2020 which the Kuwaiti people buy most from the US:


Kuwaiti people love to shop for toys from the USA because most of the major toy retailers are available in US markets. Some of the most famous toy stores such as Amazon, Disney store, Lego’s online store, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, U.S. Toy are the most famous US toys from where people love to shop for their little ones. So check out these stores for gifts for your little ones on their birthdays or other special occasion

Vehicle Parts

Kuwaiti people often import different parts for their vehicles from the USA, from essential vehicle parts and accessories to custom parts. Some of the most famous vehicle parts stores include AutoZone, CarID, BuyAutoParts, PartsGeek, PepBoys. These are some of the renowned auto car parts retail stores which can easily shop and ship products to other countries.


Kuwaiti people love to shop for clothing, especially men’s shirts from US retailer stores. Some of the most famous clothing brands from which most Kuwaiti buy are Madewell, Eloquii, Everlane, Moda Operandi, and Garmentory. These are some of the best online shopping websites to shop and ship products to their country quickly.


Most fitness freaks import supplements from the USA because giant retailers and companies are available in the USA, such as My Supplement Store, MyProtein, Optimum Nutrition, Puritan’s Pride, Supplement Warehouse. So Kuwaiti people love to ship their desired supplement products to their country.

Beauty & skincare

There are very famous beauty & skincare international online brands available in the USA which people love to shop from and ship to across the world. These include Sephora, Bluemercury, Nordstrom etc. These are just some of the most famous brands which the Kuwaiti people love.

How To Ship

As we discussed, the top products which Kuwaiti people love to search online and shop from the online stores, but most of them cannot ship directly to their country for different reasons. But no worries! In this blog, we will solve the shipment problem for the Kuwaitis so that they can ship easily to their country.

The easiest and the cheapest way to ship from the US stores to another country is to use a package forwarding company. I’m mentioning some such companies’ names, such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, PlanetExpress. You can choose any one of them as these companies are trustworthy.

The process of shipping packages to a package forwarding company is very simple. You have to sign up with them. They will provide you with a free US mail address. When you order something from an online store, you have to deliver your package to the given address. Your package will be delivered to their warehouse. You can store your package in their warehouse for more packages or reship your parcel to your country immediately. If you wait for more boxes to deliver to the warehouse, they can consolidate your packages and combine your different packages into one package. Thus, it will help in reducing shipping costs. And they are also providing various services that can help you have the best shipping experience.


This blog has discussed the top 5 products that Kuwaiti people shop from international stores and ship to their country. We also covered different famous brands and various companies you can choose from. And we also solved the problem of people who faced difficulty in shipping to their country. The best way is to select a package forwarding company and use them for the shipment.


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