Nowadays, the success of every online business relies on its eCommerce fulfilment. And the eCommerce fulfilment depends on how you pick, pack and ship the products to your destination. So package consolidation can help your business grow because you are getting more packages through at affordable shipping rates. 

There are several benefits of using package consolidation services and which companies are offering package consolidation service at the cheapest shipping rates. But before diving into that, you need to know what parcel consolidation is.

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is package consolidation?
  2. Benefits of using package consolidation
  3. How does consolidation help you in growing your business?
  4. Which companies are offering package consolidation services?
  5. Conclusion

What Is Package Consolidation?

Package consolidation is a shipping service whereby you can ship multiple items in the same box.

For example, if you order multiple pairs of Nike shoes from Amazon, you may want them to ship in the same box. This reduces the volumetric weight of the package and reduces your shipping cost. However, if you are shipping bulky, fragile, or heavy products, shipping multiples together isn’t always the best choice.

Benefits For Using Parcel Consolidation

This service is mainly used to ship the products internationally because international shipping costs are more expensive. You can save money if the items you’re shipping are in as small a box as possible.

Shipping prices in the US are not very high, but when you send them globally, you have more money than in the US. Other benefits of using parcel consolidation are following;

  • Fewer Chances Of Damage

When you consolidate your package, each gets less space. It removes the chances to slide because they are packed tightly together — these things considerably lower the chance of damage.

  • Lower Shipping Rates

When you consolidate your items, it reduces the total volumetric weight and your cost of shipping can be reduced up to 80%, Ultimately, your shipping cost depends on the dimensions and weight of the items.

How Does Consolidation Help You In Growing Your Business?

Parcel consolidation makes your international shipping much more affordable and more manageable. But because this type of shipping has extra consolidation, it may take a little longer than shipping directly.

When you decide to use the package consolidation service, you’ll find that you have saved some money to invest in your business. So, as a result, it will help you to grow your business. 

Which Companies Are Offering Package Consolidation Services?

Several companies are offering the parcel consolidation service; you can save much more money by using their services. However, these companies are not just offering consolidation services, they also provide a tax-free US address and free storage to store your package and then ship it to your country.

Such companies that offer parcel consolidation services are following:

Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics is a company that used to ship items from the United States worldwide; you can save up to 80% on shipping by using their package consolidation service. 

They also offer a tax-free US shipping address along with storage for up to 180 days. Their consolidation fee is 1$ per package.


MyUS usually ships from two countries USA and UK; using their consolidation service, you can save up to 80%. They are offering 30 days of free storage to their premium members. Their parcel consolidation service is free.


Another US mailbox forwarding company ships from two countries, mainly from the USA. Using their consolidation service, you can save up to 40% on your shipping cost. Their consolidation is 2$ per package. 

They also offer free storage for 45 business days.


Parcel consolidation service can help you grow your business; there are fewer chances of getting damaged by the package by using this service. Also, shipping internationally from the US has been more expensive. Using this service, you can save up to 80% on shipping costs using different package forwarding companies.


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