Package forwarding is a service that allows your packages from the US to be sent abroad without paying outrageous shipping fees. For online shoppers, this means saving money on shipping costs. However, for expats or people who are traveling abroad it can be even more beneficial – whether you’re sending something back home or need an item while overseas, package forwarding from USA will allow you to do so without breaking the bank.

Table Of Content:

  1. How does package forwarding work?
  2. Why you should avail package forwarding from USA?
  3. Services provided by package forwarding companies

How does package forwarding work?

Package forwarding works by allowing you to have your packages sent to a package forwarding service in the US. The service will then send the package to you wherever you are in the world. This is a great option for online shoppers who want to save on shipping costs, as well as for expats and travelers who need items while abroad. All you need to do is set up an account with a package forwarding service, provide them with your shipping information, and then wait for your packages to arrive!

Why you should avail package forwarding from USA?

There are a number of reasons why you should use a package forwarding service when shopping online or sending packages abroad. First and foremost, package forwarding services can save you a lot of money on shipping costs. This is because they offer much lower shipping rates than the post office or other courier services.

Another great reason to use a package forwarding service is that it gives you greater flexibility when shopping online. Many online stores do not ship internationally or ship only a limited amount of products but using a package forwarding service you can get around this restriction, allowing you to shop at your favorite stores.

Services provided by package forwarding companies:

Package forwarding companies offer a variety of services in addition to package forwarding. These services can include:

– Package consolidation: This service allows you to combine multiple packages into one shipment, which will save you money on shipping costs.

– Package tracking: All package forwarding companies offer package tracking, so you can always know where your packages are.

– Customs clearance: Many package forwarding companies offer customs clearance, which will save you time and hassle.

– Assisted Purchase: If your credit card is declined you can easily go for an assisted purchase which will see the package forwarders order the products on your behalf.

– Storage: Some even allow you to store your products at their warehouse for 10, 15 or 30 days, one such company Global Shopaholics allows 180 days of free storage.

– Equipment testing: opting for this service will have the staff check to see if the equipment you ordered is in working condition once it reaches their warehouse.

– Shipping Calculator: This one handy tool allows you to get a quote on the shipping cost before you even place an order.

– Address management: With this service, all the packages you send will be consolidated at one address.

With these additional services package forwarding companies offer, you can save money on shipping costs and be more efficient when it comes to shopping online or sending packages abroad. To find out more about how these companies work, visit their websites. For example, you can use the shipping calculator on Global Shopaholics to compare quotes from different package forwarding companies.

Many of us are so accustomed to ordering online that we don’t think about the shipping costs, but it can really add up. When you’re shopping for your next purchase, consider using a package forwarding company like Global Shopaholics.  Whether you’re shopping online or sending items back home, this service will help you out by avoiding customs and clearing any restrictions in your country of residence.


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