Qataris are very interested in online shopping from USA international stores because it gives them plenty of choices to buy groceries, clothes, cosmetics, footwear, and whatever they need at one click. So buying online looks like the wiser thing to do these days. When you buy online from the USA, you not only save time, energy, and money, but you stay safe and healthy with comfort at your home. But before starting the shopping from international online stores, you must know what you can or cannot ship to Qatar.

In this blog, we will look after those items with restrictions or are on the list of prohibited items that you can’t ship to Qatar. Also, how will you find out that your items are on the restricted list? In addition, we will focus on how you can ship to Qatar without any hesitations and at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table of Content:

  1. Restricted Items
  2. Dangerous Goods
  3. Prohibited Items
  4. Managing Shipping Restrictions To Qatar
  5. Conclusion

Restricted Items

Some goods are under specific restrictions, so you need certain approvals before you can ship them. It depends on the type of goods, the quantity, and the destination. Qatar has its own rules on what can or cannot be shipped, so you must know which items are restricted to ship to Qatar. It would be best to prepare the special documentation or permits needed to ship these items at your final destination.

  • Alcohol and spirits
  • Animals and animal products
  • Measuring instruments
  • Plants and plant products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transmitter and receivers

Tobacco And Cigars

All the freight forwarders prohibit cigars and tobacco. Still, you can ship it to Qatar by using the DHL courier service.

Dangerous Goods

We’re talking about more than corrosives and radioactive material. Any item that causes fire or causes harm to someone when the product is not managed correctly, classified as dangerous, like lithium batteries, dry ice, etc.

Prohibited Items

Unlike restricted items, prohibited items cannot be shipped to the country under any circumstances. The national provider of postal services, Qatar Post, gives the list of the following items that are prohibited or things that are NOT allowed to send to Qatar:

  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Perfumes
  • Drugs and illegal narcotics
  • Arms and weapons
  • All kinds of alcohol 
  • Flammable sanitizers
  • Motor vehicles
  • Adult toys
  • Engine oils/essential oils

Managing of Shipping Restrictions To Qatar

No matter the reason for shipping items to Qatar, you will need particular forms and permits. There are several following options for shipping your items. 

First, you can choose a package forwarding company that gives you free storage for 180 days, along with a free US address like Global Shopaholics

Second, you can get the services from MyUS that offers their customers MyUS premium membership along with a Tax-free US address. They will provide 30 days free storage. 

Third, you can get the services from another package forwarding company known as Planet Express. They will provide you 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address.

You can also use their shipping calculators to get comparable prices. A lower price often offers slower shipping, while faster shipping is often pricier. Also, tell your package forwarder to consolidate your packages into one box, it will help you in reducing the shipping cost by up to 80% off. Not only that, these companies will ship your package as soon as possible. 

Also, you can choose a courier service like DHL, Aramex, USPS, etc. By chatting with the customer support service of the package forwarder, you will get all the latest information on the Qatar country page on the package forwarding company website. That will help you which courier service will ship your package and what are their restrictions. So choose the favorite that is more suitable for you. 


These above-mentioned companies will only be able to ship your products if it is not found restricted on the list made by the Qatar customs authorities.


These days Qataris buying ratio from online stores is relatively high because of the global pandemic. But before you start shipping, you must know about the shipping restrictions. For more information, you can visit the package forwarding company’s country page for Qatar on their website. Also, you can try to ship your package to Qatar through a different company or courier service if you face problems.


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