The UAE is a significant trading partner with the USA in the Middle East region. It is because they have a history of stability and economic development. As a result, the buying ratio from the UAE is so high when it comes to buying from the USA. With shipping from the US to the United Arab Emirates reaching over 22 billion. However, sometimes people don’t know shipping restrictions made by the UAE government.

You don’t need to worry if you’re trying to ship your items to UAE from the USA. However, keep in mind that UAE has a restricted and prohibited list about shipping. In addition, some certain goods and commodities have shipping restrictions and require permits and clearance.

By reading this article, you’ll get all the information about what you can ship and what can’t to UAE. Also, we will focus on how you can ship items safely to UAE at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table Of Content:

  1. Restricted Items
  2. Dangerous goods
  3. Prohibited Items
  4. Managing Shipping Restrictions to UAE
  5. Conclusion

Restricted Items: Shipping To United Arab Emirates

The following items and several other goods can only ship into the United Arab Emirates with a relevant Emirati customs team permit and clearance.

  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, and fireworks
  • Pharmaceutical products and Medical/ Surgical instruments and machines
  • Nuclear energy-related products
  • New tires
  • Transmitters and radio equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Rough diamonds

Plants, fertilizers, and insecticides

You can import seeds, tubers, and outdoor seedlings into the UAE after receiving a permit from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Dangerous Goods

You need special approval to ship the dangerous goods to UAE. These goods can classify as that item that has lithium batteries because it packed incorrectly or damaged in transit. Lithium batteries can cause short circuits or overheating that can cause catching fire.

The following items are currently on the restricted list:

Lithium Batteries

These items that have lithium batteries can classify as restricted. Lithium batteries can cause short circuits or overheating that can cause fire, especially if the package incorrectly pack or damaged in transit.

Sprays and Aerosoles

Those items that have compressed gases that make sprays and aerosols potentially flammable are restricted. Also, the contents of some lubricants, cleaning products, and deodorants may be harmful.

Biological substances

These items can range from live animals to a new home to blood needed for an urgency. However, because of the risk to those handling them, they’re classed as restricted.

E.g., Blood samples, live animals, dead animals, animal fur, human organs, and remains.

Prohibited Items: Shipping To United Arab Emirates

UAE has a stringent policy about the dealing of banned items to ship into the country. In addition, UAE customs always has the right to demolished your items or may not be returned to you.

The following items are prohibited from shipping to UAE.

  • All kinds of narcotic drugs
  • Gambling tools, machinery, and all sorts of devices.
  • Nylon fishing nets.
  • Live pig.
  • Used tires.
  • Radiation and nuclear fallout poisoned substances.
  • Products that are against public morals and the Islamic faith.
  • E-cigarettes and electronic hookah.
  • Paan and betel leaves.
  • Any other goods or items prohibited under the Common Customs Law.

Managing Shipping Restrictions to the United Arab Emirates

The best way to move your package to UAE is to pick a package forwarding company you trust. However, it can be challenging because of the shipping barrier and restrictions. 

For additional information on shipping to UAE, visit your desired package forwarding company dedicated country page for UAE. In addition, package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, Planet Express, and Stackry have the country pages for UAE. In addition, they briefly answer the questions about which items you ship and which can’t. Not only that, they will guide you about the prices of shipping prices when you use their shipping calculator. For the best results and cheapest shipping rates, choose a slow shipping courier. Shipping prices will calculate accordingly as the dimensions of the items.

They’ll also help you give all the information about restrictions using their customer support service.


Package forwarding companies will only be able to ship your products if it is not found restricted on the list made by the UAE customs authorities.


Emiratis buying ratio from the USA is so high, but sometimes people dont know shipping restrictions. So you need detailed documentation for shipping those that have restrictions for shipping. For getting more information about shipping to UAE, pick a reliable package forwarding company that will help you.


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