Aramex: How It Works

Aramex: How It Works

Suppose you want to ship your package abroad to the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. In that case, Aramex shipping can be the best choice for you. If you don’t know about Aramex, it’s one of the fastest-growing regional couriers, situated in Dubai. Read on for more information, as we discuss the most frequent questions about Aramex. Also, you will find out the way to ship the packages globally through their shipping partners at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Aramex
  2. Services overview
  3. Domestic shipping
  4. Worldwide shipping
  5. What Can Aramex Not Ship?
  6. Global shipping partners
  7. Conclusion

Introduction To Aramex

Aramex has been serving since 1982 as an express service in the Middle East. They have offices in the Middle East and other major regions like the United States and Central Asia, after growing into a global shipping company providing excellence in shipping services.

Services Overview

They offer multiple services for both domestic and global shipping. Their most popular option for domestic shipping is Domestic Express. For shipping globally, they have the International Express Shipping service.

Domestic Express Shipping

Aramex Domestic Express offers comprehensive shipping solutions for time-critical packages within a country or city. Aramex picks up and provides your packages within the given times. You can also track your shipments online. In addition, they offer same-day shipping, next day shipping. In addition, deferred domestic shipping that ships within 3 to 5 business days.

International Express Shipping

Aramex provides time friendly shipping for documented and non-documented packages worldwide. They’re having multiple options that will meet your every need.

Their International Express offers you real-time tracking information. You can check the details online, or they will notify you by email or SMS regarding all the details about your shipments.

They offer the following services for international shipping:

Document Express

The Document Express shipping service is used to deliver the documents effectively to their final destinations. In addition, you can get competitive shipping rates to make your shipments more affordable.

Parcel Express

You can ship your non-document parcels through Parcel Express. However, they ensure that your package is delivered safely and swiftly to its final destinations with proper packaging. So, you won’t need to worry about customs.

Cash On Delivery

Cash-On-Delivery is designed to collect payments from customers when shipments arrive at their doorstep.

Customs Clearance

Aramex offers fast and effective customs clearance. They have a wide range of clearance on non-standard import and export handling services. 

Insurance Coverage

They also give insurance to customers who cover all the terms and conditions in the insurance policy and who have an insurance certificate. In addition, Aramex provides insurance on behalf of the shipper in an amount not exceeding ten thousand dollars.

What Can Aramex Not Ship?

Items with weapons and firearms or their accessories, poison, mercury – including thermometers, bleach, nail polish and remover, nitric acids, battery fluids, etc. These products are strictly prohibited for shipping. Aramex does not allow such items to be shipped internationally.

Click here to find out which items you can’t ship to your country via Aramex.

Global Shipping Partners Of Aramex

There are several shipping partners affiliated with Aramex. These companies are also helpful when you are buying internationally from the US and facing problems with international shipping. For example, some retailers also ask for the US phone number, which can be quite tricky for non-US residents. 

The following companies give their customers a virtual address in the US. After that, they can use to store your items and then ship them to your final destination.

The following package forwarding companies are global shipping partners of Aramex.

  • Global Shopaholics will get your package shipped by using the Aramex services. They also provide a free US address. You can get comparable prices by visiting their website. You can find your desired country page to calculate your shipping cost.
  • Stackry will provide you with 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address. Their services are available in the UK and the US.

These are reliable package forwarding companies through which you can easily shop and ship to the country of your choice.


For shipping to the Middle East, South Asia or South Asia, Aramex can be a very good choice. It has many offices situated in the Middle East, Central Asia, and even in the United States.

Feel free to ask us if you have more queries about Aramex.

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