Columbus Day 2021: What To Expect

Columbus Day 2021: What To Expect

Columbus Day sales are often neglected in anticipation of Black Friday. However, Columbus Day also gives us a chance to save before the holidays and enjoy some great Columbus Day sales. Columbus Day 2021 is on the first Monday of October. We’re also excited to celebrate the holiday with the best shopping offers!

There are many great sales on the day, which means we get to fill up our carts at our favourite stores. Many stores have slashed their prices on items from apparel to electronics to home and offer special discounts for a holiday. Most of the US online stores provide the same discounts in stores and online.

In this blog, we will go over which online stores offer great deals and high discounts on Columbus Day and how you grab these offers (if you are lucky). Also, we will discuss how you can manage international shipping if you face any difficulties while shipping to your country. In addition, how you can send your package at the cheapest shipping rates.

We will update this blog again near Columbus Day to give you more promo codes to enjoy special discounts when they’re available, so be sure to bookmark this blog.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Macy’s
  2. Amazon
  3. Walmart
  4. How can I get these offers and ship them internationally from the US?
  5. Conclusion


Macy’s offers 10% to 20% off discounts on items when the consumers use the promo code on Columbus Day. Plus, when you use the promo code, it will take 15% off sale jewellery, clothing, shoes, and home items, and 10% off select sale electronics and watches. You can also enjoy free shipping when you spend over 75$ on shopping. Eligible items are marked, and the coupon ends at midnight on October 11.


Amazon takes off up to 60% on Electronics, Home & Garden, and more during their Columbus Day Sale. Free shipping over $25 or with Amazon Prime. You can also check out the Gold Box at Amazon to see deals, coupons and savings on Columbus day. 


Walmart offers 60% discounts on this Columbus Day Sales 2021, where you don’t have any promo codes or minimum purchases. You can enjoy discounts on such categories as electronics, clothing, furniture, beauty, toys & more and also free shipping.

How Can I Get These Offers And Ship Them Internationally From The US?

Those who are not US residents tend to face some difficulties grabbing these offers and also in shipping. For most of the offers, it’s easy to avail them if:

  • you are a US residents
  • you have the US credit card
  • the store offers international shipping
  • you have a US shipping address

But you don’t need to worry if you are a non-US resident or don’t match any of the above situations. You can still grab these discounts by getting the package forwarding service to ship your package to your home address quickly.

These are the following package forwarding companies you need to follow while you are grabbing these offers internationally. These companies will ship your items from the USA to your home address:

  1. You can get the free US address along with 180 days of free storage by getting the parcel forwarding service from Global Shopaholics. In case of any difficulty, you can tell them to buy from the US using their Assisted Purchase service. Save up to 80% of your shipping price by using their package consolidation service. Also, you can get comparable shipping prices by using their shipping calculator.
  2. You can get the tax-free US address by contacting the premium membership of MyUS. It will help you to store your package for 30 days. Also, you can tell them to purchase the product for you by using their buying assistance service when you are facing any difficulties. They will help you buy your desired product from the US online store.
  3. Planet Express will provide you with 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address. Furthermore, using their Shop For Me service, you can get everything you want from the US in case of any shipping difficulty. 


Columbus Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October. You can get significant discounts on famous US online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Macy’s. You can grab the Columbus Day discount offers even if you are not from the US. Get a package forwarding service to ship your package from the US to your final destination.

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The Best Days For Shopping In 2021

The Best Days For Shopping In 2021

While every online shopaholic looks forward to big sales throughout the year, some major shopping events deserve your attention more than others. But what events are these? And how can you get these offers easily? Here are the best days for shopping in 2021.

We think every shopaholic who loves to buy from the US online needs to know these events to get special discounts. Also, we will briefly explain how a non-US resident can ship to their country if they are trying to grab these deals from US online stores at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table Of Content:

  1. August
  2. September
  3. October
  4. November
  5. December
  6. How can non-US residents grab these offers?
  7. Conclusion

Shopping Deals Days in August

The two major shopping events in the US in August 2021 are the following:

  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the most famous shopping events where shoppers can shop everything they want at the discounted rates. Nordstrom continues this anniversary sale for twelve days on its website. In addition, you get discounts on their upcoming Fall items. This event has become famous among Nordstrom customers who enjoy exceptional savings, along with plenty of stuff for summer too. Some people look forward to this sale even more than the Black Friday one!

  • Back to School Deals

While things have been different since COVID disrupted plans in 2020, the back-to-school season is poised to make a comeback in 2021. First, of course, things will be better with schools reopening. Both parents and students eagerly prepare for an in-classroom experience after a year-long rest. On August 1, known as Back To School Day, you can find school supplies such as uniforms, backpacks, stationery, and other equipment at discounted rates. And many shoppers are looking for the best back-to-school deals. You can find the best deals at Walmart and other US online stores.

Shopping Deals Days in September

There are two shopping deals day in the USA that are following:

  • Labor Day Deals

By September, Summer is pretty much over, and the month kicks off with Labor Day. The good thing about it is all the cash you can save at some of your favorite US online stores during their annual Labor Day Sales events! Usually, you can find great discounts on school outfits. You can also get great deals on Summer items like home equipment as the season is winding down and retailers intend to move their season stock. Labor day is happening on the first Monday of September. Find out the best deals on Amazon, eBay, and Target.

Shopping Deals Days in October

In October, there will be two shopping events:

Columbus Day is on the first Monday of October. Of course, you cannot compare Columbus Day with the cultural fanfare of the other days mentioned on the list, but it certainly has its fair share of deals. Columbus Day shoppers can enjoy excellent discounts on jeans, patio furniture, and camping equipment. Check out the most popular jeans stores such as Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Walmart, etc. and enjoy the Columbus Day deals.

  • Halloween Day Deals

Shopping for Halloween can be unique because you have so many choices. You always ask yourself how you’re going to prepare for October 31. Some shoppers are extra conscious of this. What costume should I wear? How should I decorate the house? How much candy do I need for those trick-or-treat kids? Where can I buy all of these for the best price? American online stores like Amazon, Target, and others give great deals on Halloween where you can get the best deals for Halloween costumes.

Shopping Deals Days in November

November is the month where so many events happen, so you have many choices to buy products. In addition, you can buy almost everything at discounts this month. So it would be best if you looked after this month for shopping.

  • Diwali Deals

Diwali 2021 is on November 4. Known as the Festival of Lights, it is an excellent time to deck their homes and themselves up with resplendent wares and share the joy of gifting to your special ones. Shopping is thus an essential part of Diwali.

First, there are mandatory Diwali indulgences like lamps, lights, sweets, and new clothes. And then some whims and fancies take them on a never-ending shopping spree. All this can lead to the focus moving from a “celebration of lights” to a “celebration of expenses.” But do not worry, you can still satisfy your shopaholic self with Diwali online shopping! When done right, it can help you get the right goodies at the right price. USA online stores such as Amazon are the best place to get most of the deals on Diwali.

  • Singles’ Day Deals

Self-care should be your top priority, and piggybacking off of this, Singles’ Day became a mega shopping day over time that originated in China way back in the early 90s. Singles’ Day will be celebrated on November 11, 2021; So it is perfect to buy products for fashion, beauty, and your home at discounted rates. If you need help purchasing the products on that day, look no further than the USA online stores.

  • Black Friday Deals

The Black Friday deals are amongst the biggest eCommerce discounted deals worldwide. You can buy everything at the discounted rates this November 26, 2021. This year, the expectation is much higher than previous Black Friday records in terms of traffic and sales.

This Black Friday, don’t forget to visit your favorite US shopping site. You will find out Apple’s newest products, discounts on top brands, this year’s hottest toys and 4K TVs, along with Amazon’s own devices like the Kindle. Popular Black Friday deals are the appliances and the category, with brands like Roomba, Instant Pot, and Keurig offering significant discounts.

We expect the top Black Friday deals to look very familiar in 2021. Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Home Depot contribute to the mix.

  • Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is also known as Blue Monday. Retailers encourage people to shop online by giving them special deals, just like the Black Friday one. It comes with various discounts and special offers on almost every product at nearly every online store. According to some research, the Monday that comes after Thanksgiving marks one of the biggest and the busiest shopping days of the year. So look out for those stores with significant discount deals on Cyber Monday like Amazon, Wayfair, Nike, and Target.

Shopping Deals In December

At the end of the year, there will be two main events where the top online stores will give their consumers and shopping discounts.

  • Green Monday Deals

Green Monday is a major online shopping event that happens in December. Started by eBay in 2007, it falls on the second Monday of the month when there are only about ten shipping days left before Christmas.

In 2021, Green Monday fell on December 13. People compare this Green Monday to Cyber Monday because it’s the second-biggest day for online holiday shopping. Top US online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target all promote Green Monday sales to extend the excitement around Black Friday, the first shopping day after Thanksgiving. The 2021 sales deals are typically posted on these stores’ websites soon after Thanksgiving Day.

  • Christmas Shopping Deals

Christmas is one of the best and most prominent events in December. This month is known for giving gifts to each other, gathering and celebrating parties, and enjoying discounted shopping. Christmas is one event where you will find all your shopping ideas at the US online stores such as Amazon, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Nike, and much more. You can buy everything whether you’re looking for memorable Christmas gifts, festive fashion for you, or just some stocking fillers. All retailers will be there to help you end 2021 in an organized manner!

These are the main shopping events where you can get big discounts from your favorite US online stores in the remaining 2021.

How Can Non-US Residents Grab These Offers?

A non-US resident trying to enjoy these special discounts from US online stores may face difficulties purchasing and shipping from these US stores to their country. These difficulties may include situations like:

  1. The retailer doesn’t ship internationally
  2. Retailer asks for US phone number
  3. The store doesn’t accept your credit card
  4. They ask for a US address
  5. Shipping charges are so high

If the buyer faces these issues, they have one solution: getting the services from the package forwarding company that can help them solve these issues. These are the following package forwarding companies that will allow you to ship your items from the USA to your desired destination:

  1. Global Shopaholics is a package forwarder that offers a free US address and free storage for 180 days. You can also tell them what you want to buy from the US when the store doesn’t accept your credit card using their Assisted Purchase service. You can save up to 80% on shipping cost by using their package consolidation service. Get the comparable shipping prices by using their shipping calculator.
  2. MyUS offers their customers a premium membership along with a tax-free US address, where you can store your package for 30 days. Also, they can assist you in purchasing your desired product from the US online store by using their Buying Assistance service. 
  3. Planet Express will provide you 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address. You can tell them to buy the product for you by using their Shop For Me service. Calculate your shipping cost by using their postage calculator.

Note: The companies mentioned above will only ship your products if it is not in the restricted list. They can send it to you if they have the license to import such items for you.


The remaining months of 2021 have many fun shopping events coming up. You can easily buy and ship it to your home address by using a package forwarding company. However, if you face difficulties in shipping or shipping cost, tell your package forwarder to buy the product for you. Also, you can use a shipping calculator to get comparable prices.

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