DHL : How It Works

DHL : How It Works

People are careful when choosing the shipping company to ship their online products worldwide in different regions and countries. However, choosing the right shipping company from many local, multinational, or even global companies is not easy for online store owners and shoppers worldwide.

In this blog, we will discuss one of the best courier service companies, DHL. Also, we will explain what DHL shipping is and why they are best choice to ship your online store products to the world. In addition, we will explain the company’s key features and services that make it the leading global shipping company.

The company also has vast resources to handle all cargo handling situations worldwide. As a result, it gives a good impression when your orders arrive via DHL.

They based within the U. S. in 1969 and grew its service throughout the globe in the next decade. The corporation was primarily fascinated by foreign and worldwide deliveries. However, the success of FedEx helped their intra-US growth beginning in 1983.

Table Of Contents:

  1. How DHL ships packages
  2. DHL delivery service
  3. How fast is DHL express?
  4. Features
  5. What can DHL not ship?
  6. Global Shipping Partners
  7. Conclusion

How DHL Ships Packages

As discussed above, DHL is a courier service company that ships the package worldwide and locally from the US. They have an extensive network that spans over 220 countries. In addition, they have a premium shipping option called DHL express that is used for shipments. This service ensures to ship your product at the same time and frame.

DHL Delivery Services

DHL’s network covers more than 220 countries and regions with a workforce of 500,000 employees worldwide. You can meet the requirements of direct express shipping customers with more than one lac international experts, having more than 250 aircraft, and a formation of 40,000 vehicles worldwide. It also has the reliability, innovation, speed, power, and leadership of its customers.

How Fast Is DHL Express?

They deliver the package to the most important cities by the next day. For shipping internationally, they take two to four business days. For shipping to East Malaysia, they take three to five days.


Shipping Gateway

A shipping gateway is an easy process that is used to prepare packages. You can print the barcode at your convenience and get an immediate tracking number.

Delivery Attempts And Notifications

You will get quick and trouble-free notifications of shipment status

by email and SMS messages before delivery having a direct link to your parcel tracking.

Customer Service

You can get in touch with their customer’s support team, either a customer or a trader. Their team is available on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, and on Saturday, they are open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Insurance and Security Service

DHL offers shipping insurance that covers the actual value of your parcel when it gets damaged or lost. In addition, insurance is available for high-quality products.

DHL Express Max Weight

The item’s weight is measured as the dimensions of the things, so that weight + height = price. Your item’s weight should be a maximum of 30kg.

What Can DHL Not Ship?

While they are known for shipping packages worldwide, there are still some items like animals, illegal things, guns, and explosives you cannot send with them. But there are less apparent items too that they can’t ship, including aerosols, perfumes, aftershaves, eau de toilettes and cash.

Global Shipping Partners

There are other shipping partners as DHL that ship all over the world using DHL courier service. These companies give their customers a virtual address in the US that they can use to store their items and then ship them to their desired destination.

The following package forwarding companies are the Global Partners of DHL.

  • Global Shopaholics is a package forwarder that offers a free US address and free storage for 180 days. Get comparable shipping prices by visiting their website, where you find your desired country page to calculate your shipping calculator.
  • MyUS is another famous package forwarding company that offers its customers a premium membership. You can get it with a tax-free US address, where you can store your package for 30 days.  
  • Planet Express will provide you with 45 days of free storage along with a tax-free US address. Calculate your shipping cost by using their postage calculator.


People are so courageous when they are choosing the right shipping company for their items. You can ship your items by using the DHL express delivery services locally and internationally. DHL also has Global Shipping Partners. They send the packages worldwide by using DHL services.

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