Everything You Need To Know About Newegg

Everything You Need To Know About Newegg

When it comes to shopping from big American stores, most people think of stores like Amazon and eBay. However, there are other amazing online shopping sites in USA like Newegg.

Newegg sells technology products, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other accessories, like video games and gaming gear. But now they are also gradually expanding their business by offering sales on different categories such as apparel, arts and crafts, jewellery and home goods.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Newegg.

Table Of Content:

  1. Is Newegg a reliable website?
  2. Is Newegg cheaper than the other online stores?
  3. Can Newegg build PC for me?
  4. How much is Newegg shipping?
  5. Does Newegg ship internationally?
  6. Conclusion

Is Newegg A Reliable Store?

As with many technology-focused stores, there are often questions about whether Newegg is reliable or not. Of course, if you’re getting your new laptop online, that’s a legitimate concern to have.

But it is one of the best-rated online stores in the US. Newsweek rated them as one of the top five online stores for shopping in 2020. In addition, Digital Commerce 360 ranked it at 26 out of a long list of 500 eCommerce websites in the same period.

Some people judge solely on reviews, which can be helpful at times, but it’s important to remember that all stores are going to have some negative reviews, and it’s a bit unfair to judge it purely on that basis, especially because customers with negative experiences are much more likely to leave a review than those with a positive experience.

Is Newegg Cheaper Than Other Online Stores?

Newegg may not be as cheap as the other stores but their prices for the products are very low because they purchase the products directly from the companies and then sell them to the customers. As a result, their prices are high when buying appliances or tech products from Newegg.

Amazon and Newegg have very comparable rates. However, Newegg edges Amazon in affordability, delivery efficiency and speed.

Can Newegg Build a PC for me?

Yes, Newegg can build PCs for you. You can take all the accessories and items of PC from the retailer and assemble them into a finished desktop. It is a service that is available on their website by the name of Custom PC Builder. It lets you pick out the various components for your desired desktop and purchase them in a package.

How Much Is Newegg Shipping?

The shipment cost is calculated by the location and other factors, including the weight and storage fee. In addition, shipment charges depend upon the zip/postal code provided by a user while purchasing a product.

Therefore, an estimate of the amount is presented upon purchasing from the checkout to the review stage. The shipping method updates accordingly with the Zip/Post Code.

Does Newegg Ship Internationally?

They do ship to some countries but not all over the world; you mostly have to pay shipping charges. You may have to pay VAT taxes and other customs and duty taxes when shipping from the US. If these estimates deviate from the payments by authorities in real-time, the difference will be compensated by Newegg.

There are other ways to ship your items, like the package forwarding companies. These companies offer the cheapest shipping rates and a warehouse in the US where you can store your package for several days. Such companies are following as:

Global Shopaholics

By picking Global Shopaholics as your package forwarder, you will get a free US address and free membership. In addition, you can get free storage for 180 days. Get comparable shipping prices by visiting their website, where you find your desired country page to calculate your shipping calculator.

Planet Express

Planet Express can give you the tax-free US address when you sign up on their website as a premium member. Then, calculate your shipping cost by using a postage calculator.


MyUS is a well-known parcel forwarding company that allows their customers tax-free US addresses along with the 30 days free storage.

These companies will ship anywhere around the world. You can ship from the USA to Saudi Arabia, ship to Qatar, and wherever you want in the world when you shop from the USA.

For more queries, you can get in touch with them at their email service@newegg.com.


Newegg can give you the most desirable offers not only in tech products but also in other categories. In addition, you can build your personal computer by using the Custom PC builder service of Newegg. Visit their website to get more information.

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