A Guide To Shopping Unlimited Things By Getting Free Storage In USA

A Guide To Shopping Unlimited Things By Getting Free Storage In USA

Have you ever found yourself restricted while shopping online from the USA to your own country due to shipping issues? These issues could be because you don’t have a US phone number or a US address to store your packages, or because the vendor doesn’t ship internationally. Sometimes the retailers do ship internationally, but their shipping prices for international destinations are high.

You’re not alone and in this blog we will guide you to avoid these issues by getting free storage in USA. International consumers use this method to hold their packages to wait for the next deal to arrive. After that, they grab those deals and ship both parcels together by using the package consolidation service. Getting packages shipped like this can reduce your shipping costs from 45% to 80% off.

We have listed several companies in the USA that offer free storage in USA for multiple days, and some even provide it for several months. Also, we discuss their prices for when the package exceeds the time limit for free storage. Ultimately, you can choose your desired free storage companies.

Table Of Content: 

  1. Stackry
  2. Planet Express
  3. MyUS
  4. Global Shopaholics LLC
  5. Conclusion


Stackry offers its customers a free US address and a personalized locker to store their packages. This locker can be used for 45 days for free. After those 45 days, Stackry will contact you to know if they should forward your parcels to your final destinations. If you like to continue to store your packages, Stackry will charge $1 per pound for that storage.

Planet Express

Planet Express also offers a tax-free US address to their customers. However, those who want to store their packages in their warehouse need to know that they provide two storage plans. The first is a free mailbox plan that can be used for 10 days, and the second is a Premium Mail Box plan with 45 days of free storage. After that, Planet Express will charge $0.01/lbs on a package for each day. 


MyUS offers a free US forwarding address to their business and premium members for 30 days, along with free storage. After that, they will charge accordingly. So if you want to store your package, you need to know their prices for storage if your storage limit exceeds 30 days. Their storage plans are as follows:

  • You don’t need to pay anything if you store your package for 30 days. 
  • If your parcel exceeds 30 days, you have to pay $1 for under oversized packages and $1.50 for large boxes until the 60 days of storage.
  • When your package storage exceeds 60 days, you will have to pay $2 for under oversized packages, and for large boxes, you have to pay $3. These conditions only apply when your parcel is stored in under 90 days.
  • After 90 days, the storage fee will be $3 for non-oversized packages. For large boxes, your storage fee will be $6.

Global Shopaholics LLC

Global Shopaholics is one of the best storage companies in the USA that provides free storage for 180 days and a tax-free US shipping address. Their membership is free as well. After exceeding the 180 days of package storage, your packages will be charged $1 for 30 days. After that, your parcel will be destroyed and will not be shipped.


For those who don’t have a US address or a particular address in the USA to store packages, the best option is to get free storage in the USA for several months provided by the package forwarding companies. Then, grab multiple offers from the USA and consolidate your package to ship at the lowest shipping rates.

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