Consolidate and Ship Spotlight: Global Shopaholics LLC

Consolidate and Ship Spotlight: Global Shopaholics LLC

Global Shopaholics is a package forwarding company operating in the industry since 2016. In New Castle, Delaware, in the US, Global Shopaholics offers its customers several free services that many other package forwarders charge, like a picture of the package upon arrival.

The company’s warehouse in Delaware helps it provide customers with a better tax rate for shipping. They also offer several value-added benefits, such as Assisted Purchase, the option to get a picture of your package on arrival, repackaging, insurance, and more.


Global Shopaholics provides multiple services about package forwarding for its customers to choose from. The company uses one dashboard for all its features. They also have a dedicated support team for customers and businesses that use the company’s business solutions.

Free Services

Global Shopaholics offer consumers free services to make it simple for consumers to buy and ship from the USA directly to their private address. Their free services consist of:

Tax-Free USA Address

The company’s Delaware warehouse allows them to offer a tax-free shipping address to the customers. While the tax is meager, it can add up very quickly for those who are shipping in bulk, like businesses that have to ship huge amounts of items regularly. A tax-free address can help such businesses save massively in the long run.

180 Days of Free Storage

Having 180 days of storage in the warehouse allows customers to wait for sales and promotional offers around the year to get products at reduced rates. Customers can keep the packages stored in the warehouse while other packages arrive before consolidating them all and shipping them together.

Photo of Package on Arrival

Once the package has arrived at the warehouse, customers can request a picture of the package itself or its contents. This can help confirm that the item is exactly what was ordered from the store. This also helps if the customer decides to return or cancel the order before it’s shipped from the warehouse.


If a package is large in size, it may incur higher shipping costs because of its higher volume. Large packaging may also be unsuitable to be packaged with other items. Customers can get these items repackaged into smaller and more compatible boxes to reduce shipping costs and prevent potential damage to other packages.

Invoice and Shoe Box Removal

Shoes are in high demand, especially from the USA. Upon customer’s request, removing the shoe box helps reduce the total volume and reduces shipping rates and tax charged by customs. (See also: Repacking above.)

Live Chat Support

Dedicated chat support teams provide customer support for all their shipping and shopping needs, from purchasing an item to having it delivered to the customer’s private address.

Paid and Optional Add-Ons

On top of the above-mentioned free services, Global Shopaholics also provides optional paid services and add-ons for a hassle-free customer experience. Some of these include:

Extra Packing Material

The company guarantees extra care for fragile packages. The packages are marked with a ‘fragile’ sticker. Packing peanuts ensure the products remain safe during the journey. If the customer requires extra care, extra packing peanuts can be requested for $2.

Package Consolidation

Customers who wish to forward multiple packages from the USA have the option of consolidating these into a single box. As shipping one box is cheaper than shipping multiple boxes, package consolidation reduces shipping costs

Package Insurance

Customers are given the option to get their packages insured if they feel the need. This can help in certain cases, such as accidents or unforeseen events that may end up causing damage to the item. So you can rest easy when you shop and ship.

Assisted Purchase

Assisted Purchase is a special shopping option whereby customers can share a link to the item they wish to purchase. Global Shopaholics then buy the item on their behalf and ship it directly to them. This requires no U.S. credit card or phone number either.

Shipping Calculator

Global Shopaholics provides a shipping calculator so customers can easily calculate how much a package will cost if it is shipped from the US to their country via the courier of their choice.

It lets users select the width, length, weight, and height of the parcel. It also allows them to choose the unit of measure (kg/centimeters or pounds/inches).


Couriers & Shipping Options

Global Shopaholics claims to offer more shipping options than its competitors. It also promises a Price Match Guarantee, whereby if a competitor offers customers a lower price for the same features, Global Shopaholics will match the price.



Global Shopaholics offers a great number of services, both free and paid, that customers wishing to shop and ship from the U.S. can benefit from. Features like 180 days of storage and a Price Match Guarantee set them apart and the Assisted Purchase option helps them offer a truly hassle-free shopping and shipping experience.

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243 Quigley Blvd Unit E, New Castle, DE 19720, United States

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