Couponing: A Great Strategy To Save Money

Couponing: A Great Strategy To Save Money

The accelerated growth of online shopping, mainly due to the pandemic, spurred consumer adoption of digital coupons and reward systems, increasing day by day. As a result, couponing has gone socially viral. Companies offer coupons in many different ways, including through influencers on social media like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.

Even though couponing has entered the digital age, you don’t have to be a tech genius to get the rewards, whether you’re an expert couponer or a beginner ready to start couponing.

Check out these pro tips for getting the most out of your couponing efforts.

Table Of Content:

  1. Use Apps or Browser Extensions For Free Coupons
  2. Make It Fun and Challenging
  3. Continuously Check Store Apps
  4. Make Couponing Social
  5. Stack Coupons, Discounts and Cashback Rewards
  6. Best Way To Bring Discounted Product To your Home
  7. Conclusion

Use Apps or Browser Extensions For Free Coupons

If you do not yet know about the digital coupons apps and extensions, it’s time to learn those secrets; using them makes couponing and saving effortless. 

Use the CouponCabin application that provides coupons you can use on an online store when purchasing a mobile.

Use the Cently browser extension that provides automatically searches for, tests, and uses the coupon with the lowest discount to your order directly.

Make It Fun and Challenging

If you’re just getting started with couponing, don’t worry that you’re somehow doing it the wrong way. Saving money should be easy and fun.

You are starting with small savings goals and increasing them gradually. For example, save $1 a week, then make it a competition with yourself to see if you can save more next time, or even set a goal for how much you want to keep monthly and see if you can reach it.

Continuously Check Store Apps

When you’re shopping online at retailers like Target or planning shopping sessions at stores like Walmart, it always pays to check the store’s app.

Retailers often have exclusive coupons or sales for people who shop through their mobile app. In addition, consumers should subscribe to newsletters from their favourite stores. Many have special discounts for new members, plus you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest sales and member-only promo codes.

Make Couponing Social

Use social media to maximize your coupon savings. Many brands will offer exclusive coupons codes just for their followers. Some brands even do free coupon offer giveaways so that you can try their products for free.

In addition, you can find deals for shoes, movie tickets, skiing, and other purchases through companies’ Facebook and Twitter pages. And don’t forget TikTok, where people post daily coupons and savings hacks.

There are also so many closed Facebook groups where coupons are regularly shared, for which someone from the group will need to send you an invite. But for many, becoming a member of these private groups is worth the extra effort.

Stack Coupons, Discounts, and Cashback Rewards

Couponing is just one part of the puzzle. For best savings, consumers should look to cashback sites like Rakuten or Mr. Rebates. Which allow you to stack deals – which means you apply for the coupons, store discounts, and credit card rewards to save big. It’s an easy way to save on things you’re already planning to buy, including groceries, tech products and even streaming and subscription services.

Best Way To Bring Discounted Product To your Home

There are several strategies to save money using coupons. But this may become a problem for international consumers. These consumers may find coupons and want to purchase from another country, but costly international shipment rates can negate the entire point of 

But for the cheap shipment, we can suggest the best option just like the package forwarding company, and they can ship your package to your doorstep at very affordable rates. Moreover, services like package consolidation, assisted purchase, free us address, shipping calculator, and best customer care service can meet all problems.

Shipping via these companies is very easy. First, visit their website and sign up with them to get a US address. Then shop whatever you want using their local US address, and if some US stores cannot accept international credit cards, use their assisted purchase service. For shipping multiple items, you can opt for package consolidation, whereby multiple packages are combined into one box to reduce the volumetric weight and reduce shipping costs.

We recommend companies like Global Shopaholics that ship worldwide from the USA, MyUS is another parcel forwarder that operates from the two countries USA and UK, and Ship7 that usually ships from the USA and Turkey.


Couponing is an excellent strategy to save money during shopping online. There are several ways to level up your couponing game, like using apps for free coupons or browser extensions, making it challenging, continuously checking the store app, making it social and stacking coupons, discounts, points, and cashback rewards.

To bring these products to your doorstep, you can use package forwarding companies and their services to meet all shipping problems.

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How To Get Black Friday Deals From Top US Stores

How To Get Black Friday Deals From Top US Stores

Have you been waiting to save money and avail of Black Friday deals? It’s almost the end of 2021, and we can’t wait to start a refreshing 2022 with new year goals and intentions. The discounts on Black Friday deals kick on the 26 of November 2021, where you can buy multiple products at the lowest rates.

This year, the expectation is much higher than previous Black Friday records in traffic and sales. Read on to find some of the best Black Friday deals live right now. So save yourself some money and discounts! We will also briefly explain how you can get those deals internationally at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Amazon Black Friday Deals
  2. Walmart Black Friday Deals
  3. Target Black Friday Deals
  4. How Do I Get Those Deals Internationally?
  5. Conclusion

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon offers several deals on Black Friday 2021. You can check it out on their website specific page for Black Friday. Amazon Black Friday sales are different from other retailers because they don’t run any traditional Black Friday ads. Instead of releasing an ad for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year, Amazon will release deals every hour on Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday Deals

The Walmart Black Friday is arguably the most popular one of all. People who love shopping wait all year for the Walmart Black Friday sale. There are tons of amazing deals at the lowest price on Walmart that you can’t get anywhere. And because Walmart Black Friday sales include just about everything, you can make your holidays even more enjoyable.

Target Black Friday Deals

Target’s Black Friday deals are always highly awaited by shoppers. It contains some of the best deals on home decor, accessories, toys and practically everything you want. So naturally, electronics feature prominently, and Target often matches the prices of other competitors like Amazon and Walmart on products like gaming consoles. Click the link to find out how many deals are available at Target.

How Do I Get These Deals Internationally?

Most of these stores don’t ship internationally, so the only way to get those Black Friday deals internationally is through package forwarding companies. Many package forwarding companies offer an Assisted Purchase service, whereby you can share a link to the item you want and the company buys it on your behalf and ships it to you. Such purchasing problems mostly happen when you are not a US resident or don’t have a US shipping address. You can shop whatever and whenever you want from US online stores with Assisted Purchase.

Global Shopaholics

By shopping through their Assisted Purchase, you can get the US address along with 180 days of free storage. In addition, using their package consolidation service, you can save up to 80% of your shipping price. Also, they offer multiple shipping prices depending on which courier you choose to ship with, which you can find out through their shipping calculator.


By shopping through MyUS, you can get a tax-free US address. That helps you to store your package for several days. Also, using their Shopping Assistance service, which is related to Assisted Purchase service, you can purchase the product from the USA. Then, they will buy and ship them to you at your desired destination.

Planet Express

Getting the Planet Express Shop For Me service will help you buy the products from the USA. Also, you will get 45 days of free storage along with a free US address. In addition, you can save up to 80% off shipping rates by using their consolidation service.


Stackry is also a package forwarding company that operates from two countries USA and UK. They offer a Personal shopping service for those looking to get some products from the USA and have some difficulties. They offer 45 days of free storage and also a tax-free US address. In addition, using their consolidation service, you can save up to 45% off on your shipments.


The Black Friday Sales are now live in most US online stores; you can get the offers from the USA at the lowest rates. Get the best deals on Amazon, Target and Walmart and enjoy the holidays. If they don’t ship to your country, you can use a package forwarding company to shop and ship from the US. Use the package consolidation service to get the cheapest shipping rates.

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