Consolidate And Ship Guide On Revolve

Consolidate And Ship Guide On Revolve

Online shopping is so much more convenient if you can find everything you need in one place. One brand that excels at this is Revolve.

Revolve has a huge international audience because of its trendy fashion items. However, there are several countries where Revolve does not ship, and for those where it does, shipping can be very pricey if your order is above $100.

So we’re going to go over some ways you can get deals at Revolve, and how to get their products shipped internationally at the lowest shipping cost because Revolve shipping is too expensive.

Table Of Content:

  1. Overview of Revolve
  2. How to get deals at Revolve?
  3. Do Revolve ship internationally?
  4. Other shipping options
  5. How can I reduce shipping costs?
  6. Conclusion

Overview of Revolve

Revolve is an internationally well known online US fashion retailer. This store facilitates the consumers and enables them to buy multiple beauty, clothing, and accessories with more than 500 brands. The company is run by its founders Michael Mente & Mike Karanikola.

How To Get Deals At Revolve?

Revolve regularly runs additional discounts and deals on its official website. For getting the rewards and discounts deals, you can also join their Revolve Loyalty Club. If you hurry, you can catch up to a 65% discount on multiple items here. In addition, you can also get the 15% off deals on first purchases when using their IOS and Android app. These apps will allow you to shop for trendy items just by tapping your fingers, and this will give you access to unbeatable app-only coupons and sales!

Revolve Promo Codes 2021

There are many promo codes of Revolve which you can use to get more discounts, such as:


By using the CANDY promo code, you can get 10% discounts on fashion and accessories items.

  • IPHONE15

iPhone app users can get 15% off their first in-app purchase using this Revolve promo code IPHONE15 at checkout.


You can get discounts up to 10% by using TULIP as your promo code on trends and styles of dresses, shoes, two-piece sets, and so much more. Revolve coupon code applied at checkout!

Do Revolve Ship Internationally?

They are offering free shipping in the United States with a delivery time of 2 to 3 business days. Also, they offer international shipping through different shipping carriers, such as FedEx, USPS, and others; their international shipping covers 170 countries. Now their shipping is available in South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Other Shipping Options

Though Revolve offers international shipping, there are several countries where they don’t ship. The only solution for shipping to those countries is to involve the package forwarding company that can ship your package to those destinations. Such companies include:

Global Shopaholics

By picking Global Shopaholics as your package forwarder, you will get a free US address with a free membership. In addition, you can get free storage for 180 days. Next, get comparable shipping prices by visiting their website. Next, you find your desired country page to calculate your shipping calculator. If you face difficulties while purchasing the items, tell them what you want to buy from Revolve and other US online stores, using their “Assisted Purchase” service. After that, they will buy those products on their behalf and ship them back to you.

Planet Express

Planet Express can give you the tax-free US address when you sign up on their website as a premium member. Then, calculate your shipping cost by using a postage calculator. Then, using their “Shop For ME” service, you can buy everything from the USA.


MyUS is a well-known parcel forwarding company that allows its customers tax-free US addresses along with 30 days of free storage. Use their “Buying Assistance” service to get the items whatever you want.

How Can I Reduce Shipping Costs?

By asking your package forwarder to consolidate your package into one box, you can reduce your shipping costs up to 80% off.


Revolve can give you multiple ways to buy online from their stores; by using their promo codes and apps, you can get up to 15% off discounts on your purchases. They ship most of the country, but if they don’t send them to your land, you can get services from a package forwarding company to ship your products at your desired location.

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