Best Eid ul Adha Deals for Saudi’s

Best Eid ul Adha Deals for Saudi’s


Eid ul Adha is just around the corner. Muslims around the world will be busy in Qurbani. Some people shop for dresses, sandals, shoes, and cosmetics to prepare for Eid. So we’re equally excited about these Eid festivities. Though the global pandemic has made life difficult for many of us, it hasn’t broken our spirits. On the contrary, it has also made us realize how fickle life is and how important it is to cherish each day as if it were our last.

In this blog, we have decided to take the sweetness of Eid ul Adha to the next level by giving you the best shopping ideas from US online stores for kids and women. So you can shop for this Eid without stress. You can buy dresses, cosmetics products such as lipsticks, makeup kits, shoes, etc. I will also briefly explain how you can shop and ship your favorite products from the USA if you’re trying to buy internationally.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Women’s Products
  2. Kids’ Products
  3. Do These Stores Ship Internationally?
  4. How Can I Ship To KSA?
  5. How Can I Reduce Shipping Cost?
  6. Conclusion

Women’s Products

MedeShe Women’s Tribal Ethnic Print Casual Dress Party Dress

It is specially designed for women who are looking for a traditional kind of party dress. It is intended to be a kaftan with floral print. You can wear this on any occasion like Eid, Weddings, Party, etc. The choice is entirely up to you!

You can buy this party maxi dress from Amazon.

Skin Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

This is a water-based, oil-free formula that delivers undetectable coverage and a fresh, hydrated glow for the most natural skin-like finish. Anyone who has ordinary or even oily skin can use this foundation. In addition, it comes in a wide range of shades that are instantly helping to plump, moisturize and boost the skin’s glow.

You can buy this foundation from Nordstrom.

Kids’ Products

Pettigirl Lace Party Dress

Enjoy this summer with Eid ul Adha and with this 100% cotton dress, available for girls aged 2 to 14 years. It has fancy half sleeves, delicate embroidery, and zipper closure at the back, making the perfect look.

Grab this Pettigirl girls lace party dress from Amazon.

OppoSuits Navy Royale Two-Piece Suit with Tie

This dress has a pair of classic, lightweight single-button jackets that have single-button closure, chest pockets, front flap pockets. Trousers have a zip fly with button-tab closure, front slant pockets, back welt pockets, and a complimentary tie in a strikingly clean and straightforward blue colorway.

Buy this OppoSuits Navy Royale Suit From Nordstrom.

Do These Stores Ship Internationally?

The US online stores mentioned in the article, do not currently ship from the USA to Saudi Arabia. They won’t forward your package to your country, because some retailers who offer shipping to your country may be costly. Therefore, you must have the US address to send these products to, from where you can forward these products to your country.

How Can I Ship to KSA?

So what happens if the retailer doesn’t have shipping services to KSA? You can still get your products at your doorstep using package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, Planet Express, and Stackry. They will provide you with a free US address to store your package from 30 to 180 days when you have finished the registration. It helps you to buy products from the official USA online shopping stores. Then, they will ship your items to your doorstep no matter where you are in the world. You can save up to 80% of your shipping cost by using the package consolidation services. 

How Can I Reduce Shipping Cost?

You can reduce your shipping cost by getting package consolidation services from the mentioned package forwarding companies. Tell them to consolidate your package into one box. It will help you to get the lowest shipping rates for up to 80% off.


Eid ul Adha is just around the corner. Everyone is busy, and some people don’t have the time to buy products from the market. I have rounded up some of the products for women and kids that they can buy from the US online stores. For shipping to Saudi Arabia, you have to get package forwarding services.

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