How To Ship US Products To The United Kingdom

How To Ship US Products To The United Kingdom


Do US online stores ship to the UK? The answer is sometimes. It depends on the items, but many American shopping sites don’t send their US products to the UK. If the customer from the UK does not have a US address, it can be difficult for them to ship their packages to their country. People of the UK love to buy from the USA, but they don’t always find the cheapest way to ship to the UK when it comes to shipping. There are many affordable options available, but it depends on your buying and how much your order weight is. This blog will help you to pick the cheapest shipping option from the USA to the UK. 

Cheapest Ways To Ship To UK

There are many ways to ship from the USA to the UK. A courier service can be costly. You can pick a US forwarder that sends your package to your home address; some such forwarders are Global Shopaholics, Planet Express, and MyUS

Shipping And Buying Process

Step 1: Sign Up

After picking the package forwarder, all you have to do is register on their website; signup is usually a straightforward process. You’ll find a registration or signup button on the company website., You’ll then be asked to fill out some quick and easy forms. They will provide you free US mail address to store your package from 30 to 180 days as free when you fill the signup form.

Step 2: Buy What You Want

When you are done with the signup, it’s time to buy the products that you want to buy from the US. Ship your product at the address given to you by the package forwarding company. You can also order multiple packages from different stores. When it arrives, consolidate them into one package and save your shipping cost

Step 3: Ship Your Products To Your Home Address

After the arrival of the package at the local warehouse address, give your package forwarder your local address where you want to ship in the UK. Your parcel can take time to deliver; it depends on the shipping courier service you choose.

How Long Do Shipments Take From The USA To The UK?

Due to rapidly improving shipping services, your shipments can now arrive at your doorstep from the USA quickly and easily. Most shipping companies ship from the USA to the UK within 3 days, with home delivery unlikely to take longer than 6 days with any courier.

Customs Clearance

When you are shipping the package from the USA to the UK, you will have to be aware of customs checks. Items shipped from the US to the UK must be posted with documents disclosing what is in the package. There is no need to pay customs duty on any item under £135 sent to the UK. However, importing gifts between £135 and £630 will incur a 2.5% charge. The amount charged will depend on the calculation of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Other Factors

The UK has a list of restricted or prohibited items, and you have to ensure your package doesn’t breach these rules. If you send anything fragile like dangerous goods, you also have to inform the package forwarding companies. It might affect the shipping cost.

Shipping Calculator

You can estimate or evaluate how long it will take a shipment to reach your desired destination. Most freight forwarding services have their own shipping calculators where you can use to find out the expected time to ship your products from the USA to the UK. Using these calculators, you can calculate estimated time and shipping cost, which are very convenient. 


Do online stores from the US ship internationally? Sometimes. It depends on the items. If you have a US shipping address, it will be easy for you to ship from the US to the UK. This blog covers how you can send your packages from the US to the UK. For items being shipped outside from the US to the UK, you will have to pay a certain amount of customs. Use your package forwarder’s shipping calculator to get shipping costs.



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