Consolidate And Ship Guide for Shipping To Saudi Arabia

Consolidate And Ship Guide for Shipping To Saudi Arabia

When we talk about buying internationally, especially from the USA, Saudi shoppers are front and center. Saudi shoppers love online shopping. In 2018 alone, the KSA was the 28th biggest buyer purchased from the United States, with over $22 billion in goods and services. According to the US Trade Representative Office, the Saudis were the US’s 22nd largest trading partner in 2018. According to the stats, Saudis love to buy from the US. But if you want to purchase something internationally and ship it to your desired location in KSA, you must know what to buy and what not to buy. You may be purchasing restricted or prohibited items while shipping to Saudi Arabia. In addition, while importing to KSA, you must have special approvals and certificates from Saudis authorities.

This blog will discuss the prohibited and restricted products when importing them to Saudi Arabia and how you can ship items safely to Saudi Arabia at the cheapest shipping rates.

Table Of Content:

  1. Restricted Items
  2. Prohibited Items
  3. Managing Shipping Restrictions to KSA
  4. Summary

Restricted Items: Shipping To KSA

You must provide the specific documentation or license for any restricted item you are shipping. Also, provide documentation about the products to Saudi customs to release your package to your final destination.

The following products are currently on the restricted list:

  • Agricultural seeds
  • Live animals
  • Chemicals and harmful materials
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Wireless equipment and radio-controlled model airplanes
  • Products containing alcohol (e.g., perfume)
  • Natural asphalt
  • Archaeological artifacts

Religious Books 

It’s important to remember that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. Therefore, entering the country with a bible is restricted.

Dangerous goods

Some of the products are classified as dangerous goods like lithium batteries, perfumes, lighter, solid carbon dioxide, phones or laptops, etc.

These are the restricted items, but you can still ship if you have special approval from the government. It’s crucial to determine which items are restricted or prohibited because sending such items to KSA can result in legal problems with customs authorities.

Prohibited Items: Shipping To KSA

Importing prohibited items into Saudi Arabia is strictly not allowed. In addition, Saudi customs have the right to destroy your items or may not be returned to you.

The following items are prohibited and strictly not allowed to ship into KSA.

  • Used clothes
  • Narcotics
  • Arms and Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Pork and their products

Saudi Customs also does not allow the importation of cars that are older than five years, salvaged vehicles, used police cars, taxis, and rental cars. For additional information, please review the requirements on the SASO and Saudi Customs websites.

Managing Shipping Restrictions to KSA

Shipping the products to Saudi Arabia from the United States can be challenging because of the shipping address and language barrier. However, you can get the shipping address by choosing a reliable package forwarder. Still, it’s also crucial for one to choose a freight forwarder that can move the package safely and understands the language and manner of doing business in the country.

The Saudi Arabian customs office has its policies for international shipments clearance. As of 1 July 2020, a 15% value-added tax (VAT) applies to all shipments regardless of value. Package forwarder does not collect VAT, and it will not include in your shipping invoice. The Saudi Arabian government often collects VAT when the carrier delivers your package.

For additional information on shipping to Saudi Arabia, visit your desired package forwarding company dedicated country page for KSA. In addition, package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUS, Planet Express, and Stackry have the country pages for Saudi Arabia. In addition, they briefly answer the questions about which items you ship and which can’t.

Also, you can use their shipping calculator to get comparable shipping prices; it depends on the shipping service you choose. For the best results and cheapest shipping rates, choose a slow shipping courier. Shipping prices will calculate accordingly as the dimensions of the items. 


You can only ship your packages to Saudia Arabia from a package forwarding company if the items don’t include restricted or prohibited items.


Saudis are so much involved in purchasing and importing from the United States. Still, sometimes they face issues like prohibited items or restrictions on items to be shipped. However, you can still send these products to Saudi Arabia if you have particular documents or certificates.

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Shop Apple Products And Ship To KSA From USA

Shop Apple Products And Ship To KSA From USA

It doesn’t matter where you’re living in the world; Apple is a household name. So it’s no surprise why so many buyers want to own their products. Their lightning-fast phones, cutting-edge laptops, and stylish tech accessories are trusted by corporations and families alike! If you are as excited and obsessed with all things Apple likes we are, keep reading to find out Apple’s best and latest released products and how you can get your hands on them.

Many international shoppers favor purchasing Apple products from the US versus their home country because prices can be much lower in the states. Unfortunately, suppose you’re buying Apple products outside of the US. In that case, it can be difficult to buy all the latest Apple products without paying a premium price, and it can be costly to ship to your country. When it comes to shipping, with the help of package forwarding, it’s easier than ever to get your Apple parcel from the USA if you’re shipping from USA to Saudi Arabia or wherever in the world. Package forwarding service will make sure your new Apple order reaches your home address quickly and safely! Here we guide you about how you can ship apple products to your country at the very cheapest rates from the US online stores.

Step 1: Sign Up for Free

At the start, all you have to do is sign up on the freight forwarding company website. Signing up is usually a straightforward process, and you’ll find a registration button or section on the company website. You’ll then be asked to fill out some quick and easy forms. When you fill them, you’ll get free US address.

Step 2: Buy Apple Products

When you are done with the signup, it’s time to buy the hottest and latest Apple products. First, we need to inform you that sometimes Apple’s system rejects shipments, but don’t worry if this happens. Your payments will be refunded; you can still shop from the other trusted apple retailers. Still, we recommend trying the official Apple site first and foremost for all the best deals and most significant items!

Step 3: Ship Your Package to the Shipping Address Provided by the Company

When you’re buying Apple products, tell the retailer to ship your parcel to the local warehouse address given by the package forwarding company. Your package will ship straight to their warehouse then you can store your package for 30 to 180 days for free, depending on the company. You can also order with your other favorite US online stores, wait for them to arrive, and then consolidate them into one package so you can save on shipping.

Apple’s Coolest iPad Pro 2021

There’s nothing quite as respected as the iPad when it comes to the universe of tablets. Featuring a massive 11-inch display, or even a 12.9-inch display in the upgraded version, this do-everything tablet is nearly as large as your average laptop! And with up to 2 TB of memory, its storage capacity rivals that of the best desktops as well.

The Most Sought-After Phones

When someone says Apple, most people’s minds suddenly go to the coveted, world-famous iPhone. Although Apple has been creating different models over the years, Apple has the most prestigious iPhone 12. Featuring aerospace-grade aluminum edges and significant spill-and-splash resistance, it is one of the most resilient phones yet from Apple. And with six different colors to choose from, it’s hard to hold placing your order right now!

Apple MacBook Pro 2020

Choose this 13.3 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar! You will get the full warranty and all the fantastic features of this super-powered machine.


These are just some of the top products introduced by Apple. If you want these items shipped to you, sign up for a package forwarding company and use your US address at checkout. Once your shipments arrive, you can select your preferred shipping carrier and speed, and we will ship it to you as soon as possible. Additionally, check out your US forwarder’s shipping calculator that you can use to get shipping costs before making a purchase.


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