A Guide To Shopping With Mr. Rebates

A Guide To Shopping With Mr. Rebates

Intro To Mr. Rebates

Today, Consolidate And Ship is featuring Mr. Rebates. Mr. Rebates is a shopping portal that allows you to earn cash-back rebates on your purchases from online stores.

Mr. Rebates works with over 3000 different stores. They own an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and you can earn as much as 30% back.

They also provide a referral program which can help you earn however much you want if you refer other potential users like friends and family and invite them to sign up with Mr. Rebates. You even get a reward equivalent to 20% of the cash back you receive.

Table Of Contents:

  1. How does Mr. Rebates work?
  2. Features
  3. Chrome extension
  4. Website features
  5. App features
  6. How to use Mr. Rebates
  7. Charges
  8. Pros and cons
  9. Conclusion

How Does Mr. Rebates Work

First, let’s discuss how Mr. Rebates works. Their working process is simple and easy. They have affiliate programs, including many online retailers.

Affiliate plans allow websites such as Mr. Rebates to earn a commission on sales they refer to. However, instead of keeping this commission for themselves, they pass on a commission percentage to you as cashback rebates.

The excellent feature about it is that you don’t even need coupon codes. Instead, go to their website and follow the link to your favorite stores. They will cover how you can use the site and earn money.

Continue reading to know how you can start earning cash-back today.


Mr. Rebates offers several features like a chrome extension, website features, and mobile apps for Android and iOS (Apple). This can help you to earn money in the most efficient and quick way possible. In addition, it can help you make sure that you always get cash-back on eligible purchases.

Chrome Extension

It is super easy to use. When you install the Google Chrome extension, add a Mr. Rebates’ Quick Cash’ button right on the page of participating stores. The extension will remind you to use Mr. Rebates and get cashback whenever making an eligible purchase.

Website Features

On Mr. Rebates website, there are 3,000 stores available. So there’s something to choose from, regardless of what you’re looking to purchase. Each outlet has the offer placed out, including the minimum purchase requirements and the percentage cashback you will get. Some stores will even offer promotions and extra discounts. Some stores will give a cashback value instead of a percentage.

App Features

Mr Rebates application is available in google play store and app store. There are over 2,500 different stores from which you can choose. In Application, available stores are less than available on the rebates website. But it’s still a considerable number.

The Application features an easy-to-use. It has a search function and even allows you to save stores in your favorites, making them easier to find. In addition, both iOS and Android versions have good reviews on their respective stores, making them a safe bet.

How To Use

Mr Rebates website is easy to use. First, you can go to their website and click on the registration button mentioned in the top right corner of the website page. The registration form will open, then you need to provide the following information:

  • Email address.
  • Password.
  • Referal email if you have been referred.
  • Your first name and last name
  • Address

To get started with earning rebates, First go to the website or open the app or google extension.

Once you’re on their website, Make sure you’re logged in. Click on the red login button placed at the top right of the page. Then enter your email address and password. It will appear to check notes between different websites.

You once logged in. You can search for a particular store or browse the list of participating outlets. Once you’ve found the store, click on the yellow Shop Now button.


Mr. Rebates is free to sign-up and use. Moreover, there are no hidden fees. You earn cashback when buying at any available outlet from their website.

The payments of cashback depending on the store you choose. There aren’t the same percentage rates across all stores. You can check the cashback percentage on the store’s name on Mr. Rebates’ website. This will also help you choose the right store to maximize how much money you will get back.

At the time of rebates payment withdrawal, You need a minimum of $10.00 in your account for the US resident. You can choose to check posted to your address or PayPal and saved gift card rebates. You can also cash out. Payments are processed every month, keep in mind.


  • Over 3,000 stores to choose from
  • Fully secured website
  • Cashback on many purchases
  • Paid by PayPal, check, or gift card


  • Payments are processed once a month.
  • Amazon is not included in the list of eligible stores.
  • 90-day wait before the first withdrawal.

How Can You Ship Mr. Rebates Products

There are many different ways to ship products from the USA to other countries. But the best way is to use a parcel forwarding company. They will deliver your product to your doorstep at cheap rates. Their shipment process is easy, and they provide different types of services like package consolidation services, other shipping and payment methods. These services help you to reduce the cost of shipment. The name of the top suggested companies are Global shopaholics, MyUS, Planet express.


The ultimate guide about the Mr. Rebates that how you can earn money from cashback from different stores. We have discussed the detailed review about Mr. Rebates. A complete introduction, how they work, and their features. The main highlighted features are App features, chrome extensions, and website features. 

We have also discussed how they will work and what charges will apply during the use of Mr. Rebates. And a review about pros and cons. This article makes it easy for you to use a Mr. Rebates website.

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4th of July: The Independence Day 2021 Guide For Deal-Seekers

4th of July: The Independence Day 2021 Guide For Deal-Seekers

The United States Independence Day is observed on the 4th of July. Many people simply refer to it as “The 4th of July.” But not only the 4th of July is the biggest holiday in the US, but also a major shopping day. Many US online stores have more 4th of July sales than at any other time during the year.

So, deal-seekers, you don’t have to wait until the long holiday weekend to shop great deals! These events are an excellent opportunity to save big on a variety of items. But what are the best products to shop for around the holiday? And what are the best discounts?

Read more and know what to expect from 4th of July sales in 2021, including when the sales begin, where to find the best savings, and what the best buys will be. 

Not only for the US resident people but also for the international shoppers who want to shop from US stores on this independence eve.And also complete guidelines on how they can ship quickly to their country.

Top Independence Day Deals

Here are the top sales to shop for and what you can expect ahead of the patriotic holiday.

The Amazon 4th of July Sale

Amazon hasn’t officially dropped its Fourth of July deals. But Amazon is one of the most prominent online marketplaces in the world. On these occasions, people look forward to amazon for amazing deals and promotions. So on this independence day, many merchandises are on sale. You can start shopping for summer outfits and get 40% off for you and the family.

The Walmart 4th of July Sale

Get the latest 4th of July deals from one of the largest retailers in the US. On the eve of this independence day, Walmart offers significant discounts on the different categories to save up to 60% during this Walmart significant summer savings. The sale includes patio furniture deals, home and garden deals, appliance and tech deals, Clothing & accessories. So enjoy the best sales on The 4th of July and save big.

The Best Buy 4th of July Sale

As you know, best buy includes one of the best retailer stores in the USA. One of Best Buy’s most significant sales of the year, their 4th of July sale offers a wide variety of deals to choose from. You can save on appliances, Tv, iPads and different electronics. So enjoy the best sales on the 4th of July with the best buy store.

The Target 4th of July Sale

Target is best for home decor, fashion, and everyday products for its most loyal customers. But Target doesn’t have a specified Fourth of July sale. However, shopping in-store or online will still be worth it this year as there’s always a deal to find. Be sure to check both the Top Deals and weekly ads for the sales, which will help you purchase.

Lowe’s 4th of July Sale

More than 25,000(!) items are on sale right now for Independence Day at Lowe’s, with discounts across categories such as lighting and ceiling fans, sheds and outdoor storage, and more, so you can spruce up your space this summer without breaking the bank.

How To Ship

We have discussed the top US online stores to visit on Independence Day (4th of July). These stores will go live with their best deals on independence day. US residents and worldwide people like to shop from these stores, especially on some international eve. 

But it is difficult for international shoppers to shop for products directly from the stores and face many issues like shipment. How they can buy, address issues, or payment problems? So further, we will discuss and try to solve their issue of how they can ship their product without any issues.

The best way is to use a package forwarding company for it. They can ship your products to your doorstep. Not just they deliver, they provide different types of services which will help you on shipment and help you to reduce shipment cost.

Simple, they provide you a free US shipping address. You will visit your favorite online store based in the USA, purchase your products, and deliver them to the given address. You can store them for more product deliveries or ship them immediately to your country. If you want to keep your products, you can use a package consolidation service to combine your multiple products into one package. So it is most effective for reducing the shipment cost.

Every company has a shipping calculator from which you can calculate your shipping cost or choose your suitable shipment method.


This blog is the ultimate guide for deal-seekers on independence day. We have discussed the top famous US stores that will live their deals on the 4th of July. We have discussed the best solution for international shoppers who want to shop from US online stores. While not living there.

The best method is to use a package forwarding service for it, and they will deliver your product to your doorstep. They also provide different type of service which will help you to reduce shipment cost such as package consolidation service, other shipment methods,

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Guide: How To Use A Package Forwarding Service

Guide: How To Use A Package Forwarding Service

You may know about many US online stores you want to buy from, but it might be difficult for you. This may be for many reasons, especially for non-US resident persons, as some of the stores don’t ship their products directly to another country. Some people also have issues related to their shipping address, so that doesn’t make online shopping convenient for them. But there’s no need to worry, we have great news for international shoppers. We’ll solve all your international shipping problems, including people who buy and resell. Using a package forwarding service, you can easily order products as much as you want from any US online store and receive your packages in your own country at your doorstep.

Read on and learn how! Then, follow these simple steps and ship packages quickly.

Register With a Package Forwarding Service

Before the use of any benefits or services of the package forwarding company, you need an address. In addition, since you’ll shop at US online retailers, you’ll need a US shipping address.

You only have to sign up with them; you’ll get a free mail address in the US dedicated solely to you. This given address serves as a forwarding address for your US online purchases.

Provide Details to the Online Stores

After you register with the company, let the shopping begin! The best part of this process is shopping for whatever you want to. Just go to the US stores and then enter the details of your given address.

When you enter your details and ship the package to a US address, the online retailer will get your packages processed to the given address.

You’ll also be free from multiple shipping charges. Instead, you pay the forwarding service company one amount for getting your packages safely to your country

Give Your Company a Heads Up

Usually, giving a heads-up is a polite reminder about letting someone know about an upcoming event.

 When you place an order with your U.S.-based online retailer, you’ll also let your package forwarding company know to expect delivery.

Most forwarder companies have an online form. It includes a space where you provide the complete details about the expected shipment. Shipment information consists of the shipper’s name, your order number, and your tracking number. You’ll also provide the information about your package.

Wait for Delivery

Since your packages go to the warehouse of the package forwarding company, the first delivery notice you receive comes from them. After that, you’ll receive an email confirmation for each package they receive on your behalf. It makes tracking your packages easy for you!

Suppose you want to know about your package delivery. You will be able to request that your company provide you with scan documentation or even send you a photo of your package (some companies include this as an additional service).

Once your package forwarding company receives your package and notifies you of receipt, they wait for your further instructions.

Choose How And When To Ship

After receiving a notification from the forwarding service letting you know they have received your package, the next step is yours.

You will decide where and when you want your package(s) to ship.

You can choose to ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another shipping company, depending on the final destination of your shipment.

Then, when you’re ready to request shipping, you’ll have all the information you need in your account. It includes the ability to request an estimate for shipping costs from each available carrier.

Request Handling Services

If you want to save a considerable amount on shipping, the best option is to use package consolidation. Package consolidation service is beneficial for shoppers. This service is basically for those who shop multiple products at the same time.

To consolidate packages, the company will combine multiple orders into one giant box. The primary purpose of consolidation is to save on shipping costs.

Choose Payment Methods

When you sign up with a shipping service company, you’ll also enter your payment preferences. Most companies accept the following well-known credit cards including:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Discover

If you don’t see your credit card company listed here, check with the service you’ve chosen. Each service has its list of accepted payment methods.

Get Ready For Shipping

This is the last step of the package forwarding process. Once you’ve registered your address, shop and notified your forwarding company of incoming packages, all you have to do is wait for notification of delivery.

Then it’s your turn to relax while your package forwarding service handles the rest of the details. In no time, you’ll have your items and are ready for more online shopping.


This blog is the ultimate guide for the international shopper and consists of the easy steps to use a package forwarding company.

We define this process into parts like registration with the company and provide details to the online stores. Then a polite reminder to the company for upcoming packages and wait for the delivery. After this process, You will guide them to ship and select further services like shipment methods or package consolidation service.

This process is best for international shoppers. They can easily follow these steps and use a package forwarding company.

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How To Shop the Latest and Greatest Apple Products

How To Shop the Latest and Greatest Apple Products

There’s no doubt that Apple is the most famous brand in the world. Everyone in the world loves to buy their products, not just from the USA but worldwide; it doesn’t matter from where they belong. People trust their latest laptops, fast iPhones, and stylish technological accessories. Their products are among the most famous globally because they have different and loved designs and the fastest machines. Just take a look at their logo, which is stamped on the back of a product; everyone indeed loves the logo.

However, suppose you’re not a US resident. In that case, it can be difficult for you to get newly launched Apple products without paying a heavy price. But no need to worry! We will discuss how you can shop and ship the latest Apple products to your country whenever they launch their new products without waiting for anyone.

You can use a package forwarding company for this. It’s easier than ever to get your Apple parcel from the USA to anywhere else in the world! It doesn’t matter from where in the world you’re looking to shop in the US. A package forwarding company will make sure your new Apple order reaches you quickly and safely.

We will discuss the complete process with easy steps, shop in the US, and ship these products to your country.

Step No 1: Signing Up

To get started, you have to sign up with the package forwarding company. When you visit their website, you look for the sign-up option, and they’ll ask for some easy and quick information. Once you’ve signed up, they will provide you with a tax-free US mail address.

Step No 2: Shopping Apple Products

Now that you have your own US shipping address, it’s time to visit the shop from where you want to buy, like Apple.com. It doesn’t matter if you are just buying official products from Apple’s own website or somewhere else. You can buy from different stores as well. And you can also buy various accessories for your Apple products from other stores in the US. It is possible to ship all your products to your country.

Step No 3: Shipping Products To Given US Mail Address

When you shop your desired product from the store, you will ship the products to the company’s given free US mail address. Then they will ship your products to the warehouse, and your packages will be ready for further processing.

Step No 4: Storage And Consolidation

When the package forwarding company receives your products to their warehouse, you can save your products to their warehouse or ship them immediately. (Every company has a different storage policy). Suppose you store your products in their warehouse and you want to buy other products from the US online stores. In that case, these companies often provide another service which is package consolidation. This means they combine your different packages into one box. This consolidation process will help you to save a massive amount on shipment.

Step No 5: Shipment

Once you shop and ship to the warehouse and consolidation is completed, you can quickly ship your package to your country. Go to the package forwarding company’s website, and you’ll probably find a shipping cost calculator, you can calculate how much your package will cost to ship through the calculator. Package forwarding companies provide different types of shipment methods. You can choose by yourself which shipment method suits you most.

Latest Apple Products Update

Apple held its ‘Apple Event’ in April 2021. They introduced new products such as Airtags, new iMac models, an updated Apple 4k TV, and a refreshed version of 11 and 12.9 inches iPad Pro and the purple version of iPhone 12. These are the only devices that we have seen launched in early 2021.


This blog is the ultimate guide for international Apple product lovers. It discusses in detail how international shoppers can buy the latest Apple products from US stores from anywhere in the world without waiting for anything.

The best and cheapest way is to use a package forwarding company for it. They will deliver your packages to your country if you want to buy official products. Package forwarding companies also provide different services such as package consolidation service, assisted purchase, and other shipment methods. These added benefits help you experience the best shipment service with the lowest shipment cost.

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