In the eCommerce marketplace, Canada is constantly growing. With each passing year, more Canadians prefer to shop online. This trend is driving changes in technology, introducing new products in the marketplace. At the same time, more Canadians are putting their trust in international retailers that sell their products online. In the previous years, 77 percent of buyers buy from outside of Canada, especially from the US online stores. The growing numbers of Canadian shoppers choose to buy from US online stores all kinds of products such as footwear, fashion and apparel, cosmetics, pet supplies, and even supplements.

In this blog, I will go over some of the best US products that Canadian shoppers and influencer’s are loving right now. Also, I will explain how you can ship these products from the US to Canada without any hassle.

Table Of Content:

  1. Prevage Anti-Aging Overnight Cream
  2. Sisley Paris Skincare Products
  3. New Balance 550 Men’s Shoes
  4. ZARA Oversized Knit Sweater
  5. Can I Ship To Canada Directly?
  6. Other Shipping Options
  7. Can I Reduce Shipping Costs?
  8. Conclusion

Prevage Anti Aging Overnight Cream

This prevage anti-aging overnight cream can be the best solution for those people who have dry skin or symptoms of aging early on. This cream, however, has been formed specifically to work with your skin’s sleep cycle, meaning it works and treats the skin best when in a state of rest. Using this cream can reduce your wrinkles, target lines, aged spots, and discoloration. ANIA BONIECKA, a famous Canadian fashion influencer, also recommends this overnight cream.

You can shop this anti-aging overnight cream from Macy’s.

Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil & Mask

You can use these products together or separately for glowing skin as well as a skin booster. After using the face oil, you will feel like you don’t need any moisturizer. It provides nutrients to your skin that help you reduce deep wrinkles and discoloration over the time you use. 

Also, let’s talk about the Sisley Paris Face Mask. It is specially formulated for the skin which needs rest, like a person outside who works all day and doesn’t take proper sleep. By using this overnight, you will feel like your skin is fresh. Estée Lalonde, a Canadian fashion Influencer also recommends this product. You can also use these products as I mentioned above. Use these products whenever you feel that your skin is dull or tired.

Grab this Sisley face Oil and Sisley Face Mask from Nordstrom.

New Balance 550 Sneakers

The new balance was released in more colors in the 550 sneakers edition last year. These sneakers are so popular over the years. Moreover, this pair of shoes are surprisingly comfortable. It comes in adjustable lace closure for a customized fit and rubber outsole for traction and durability. Dan Gebreilli, one of the most popular influencers of 2020 in Canada, also shares his post on his Instagram about having New Balance 550 Sneakers. 

Grab this New Balance 550 Shoes from their online store.

ZARA Knit Sweater

Stay warm throughout the night with this Zara oversized night sweater. It comes in two colors, grey and blue, having full-cut long sleeves and a high collar, designed with viscose and nylon. Amber Scott, an influencer in Canada, also loves to buy from the Zara US online store.

Get this Oversized knit sweater at Zara US.

Can I Ship To Canada Directly?

Unfortunately, the online stores I mentioned above do not currently offer international shipping. They can’t ship your package to your country, but if they ship internationally? It can be costly. You must have the US shipping address to send these products to your address, where you ship back these products to your country.

Other Shipping Options

You can still shop and ship these products at your desired destinations using package forwarding companies such as Global Shopaholics, MyUs, Planet Express, and Stackry. These are the freight forwarding companies that allow you to send your products to your doorstep. They give the Free US address to store your package and quickly ship it to your country. In addition, they also give you the assisted purchase or purchasing assistance services where you can tell them what you want to buy from the USA. Then, they will purchase your desired products and ship them back to you.

Can I reduce my shipping cost?

Yes, you can reduce your shipping cost by telling your package forwarder to consolidate your package into one box. It will reduce your shipping cost by up to 80%. Then, use a shipping calculator to get comparable prices.


Canadian eCommerce has been growing over the past several years, and Canadian influencers love to shop from the USA. You can quickly ship the US products to Canada by using freight forwarding companies. Also, you can reduce your shipping cost.



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