During the period of the pandemic, most people preferred to shop from online stores. Day by day, the number of people who choose online shopping from USA has increased.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail how Egyptian people have been shopping. We’ll go over how many consumers are choosing to shop online from different stores, how many consumers buy from USA online stores, like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and the top products that Egyptians love to buy from online stores.

Also, we’ll discuss what the most popular online products are, what the best method is for shipping packages, and how the products can be delivered quickly to the country if they shop from international stores.

According to research, almost 72% of Egyptian consumers are shopping online more since the pandemic.

The Most Popular Online Products:

According to the research, these are the products that are loved the most by the Egyptian people for shopping online:


More than 62% of Egyptian consumers said that they had shopped online more for clothing. 

Here are some of the top stores which the Egyptian people like the most for clothing shopping in the USA include:

  • GAP
  • Amazon
  • Carter’s
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Forever 21
  • West Marine

These stores are loved by Egyptians who wish to shop and ship to their country.

Computers And Electronics

Almost 56% of the Egyptian people shop for computer equipment and electronic gadgets from online stores. Some of the stores which Egyptian people prefer to shop from for computer equipment and electronic devices include Amazon, Swappa, Tiger Direct, and many more.

These stores are the most famous online stores which Egyptians most prefer for online shopping from the US and shipping to the country.

Medicines And Healthcare Products

There are many famous and authentic stores for medicine and health care products, such as Drugstore.com, Naturenetics, OxKom, which most people in the world order from the US to their country. In Egypt, almost 55% of the people shop and ship medicine and health care products to Egypt. 

How To Shop And Ship From The US

We have discussed the top items and products which Egyptians prefer to shop online. Most of the online stores they visit for shopping are from the USA. The main problem in online shopping that they face difficulty in is shipment because many international stores charge heavy amounts in shipping. Some are not delivered directly from the USA to some countries.

For this, the easy method is to use a package forwarding company for shipment. This is the easiest way to do it. They will deliver your product to your doorstep at reasonable prices. They will provide you a free US mail forwarding address. This address is actually their warehouse. 

You can send your packages to the local address, and they will reship your parcel to your doorstep. You can store your packages in their warehouse, or you can also ship immediately.

Package forwarding companies also provide different services that can help you reduce shipment costs, such as; package consolidation services, assisted purchase, other shipping methods, or storage options. 


In this blog, we went over how Egyptian people choose to shop from online stores and are interested in what they love to buy and ship. Also discussed are the most popular online products and the famous brand and companies that can easily help choose the desired products. 

Also, we have discussed how people can ship your packages to your country because all the companies cannot deliver products to another country. That can help Egyptian people to ship their products in the best way.





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